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Lionel Richie // Billy Bragg // The Proms // Cracking Instagram // Dave // CAYA Soundsystem // John Newman // Laolu // Sports Team

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 2 Jul 2018
  • min read
Roll up, roll up: the summer edition of M magazine is now yours for the taking!

This issue, smooth operator Lionel Richie lets us in on how songwriting simplicity has fuelled his stellar career and why he believes singing 'I love you' will never go out of fashion.

We also spend some time with the Bard of Barking Billy Bragg to chat about Stormzy, stage dancers and strikes. Billy shares some of his biggest political pop moments of the last 12 months and explains that although music can't change the world, it can bring people together to make a difference.

Elsewhere, we take a look at some of the leading lights behind this year's edition of The Proms to find a classical community teeming with optimism and invention.

We also shine a spotlight on Instagram, which is fast becoming the de facto social media platform for music-makers to share their work, communicate with fans and give behind-the-scenes access to their daily lives. You'll hear from the artists and digital experts who are leading the way.

This edition's Sound Effect comes from Bengi Unsal, senior programmer at the Southbank Centre, London. She oversees the massive Meltdown Festival alongside the centre's wider gigs schedule, and shares with us her first encounters with music and the sounds which have shaped her.

Multi-million-selling songwriter and artist John Newman takes over our 60 Seconds slot, to let us in on how his two years out of the limelight to reset his art is fuelling an ambitious comeback.

You'll also find much, much more, so go on... dig in!