Apply for the HCMF commissioning fund

The fund has been established through the contributions from HCMF’s audience and supporters.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 29 May 2020
  • min read

In response to financial implications of the COVID-19 crisis, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is looking to establish immediate paid opportunities for UK-based music creators. 

HCMF are offering five artists a commission worth £1,000, with the resulting pieces appearing at a future edition of the HCMF festival.

HCMF write: ‘This open call is accessible to any music creator based in the UK. We are interested in all formats – whether you write notated music, work as a composer-performer, create sound art, or fit into a different category entirely. If you’re making music, you’re eligible.’

The five artists will be chosen by a panel including HCMF artistic director Graham McKenzie, along with composers Laura Bowler and Scott McLaughlin, both of whom have appeared at HCMF as part of their talent development programmes.

Find out more about how you can apply. The deadline for applications is 30 June 2020.