5 things to remember when using YouTube

Conrad Withey, CEO of artist development label PopShack gives us his top tips on how to get the most out of YouTube…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 8 May 2015
  • min read
As technology continues to evolve at break neck pace, an increasing smorgasboard of platforms are at the fingertips of songwriters and artists to promote their music.

YouTube is one of the most important, particularly for new artists as it’s the top online destination for music discovery. New music business PopShack focuses on developing ‘native’ artists emerging on the platform so are well placed to offer their advice on how best to utilise the service. Check out chief executive officer Conrad Withey’s top tips below…

Remember your audience

The YouTube environment is geared to under 24s. That’s the demographic that use it the most effectively. They are also the hardest to reach via traditional media so this is a key way of getting to them.

Regularity is key

You need to have a structure to your YouTube posts. Content works better if it’s regular and scheduled so viewers can treat it like a TV show that you tune into something every week. Draw up a plan to give it a bit more rigor.

Be honest in what you offer your fans

Using YouTube honestly is the only way for it to work. It means you can have a real discussion with fans and create loyalty. You tell them what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how it contributes to making music. Avoid any product placement going on and keep it natural.

Make your content quick and snappy

The audience we’re dealing with have short attention spans, enjoy having lots going on across multi-screens.

They’re loyal but you need to earn that and you don’t get it from just posting one video every three months or three videos in one go and nothing else for six months. There needs to be a commitment to a regular flow of content to engage the fanbase. You’re having a two way dialogue with fans with this sort of content. You listen to them and respond to what they’re saying so you feel part of the journey.

Music is the biggest genre on YouTube

Music is the most watched genre on YouTube and also the first place for the under 24s to check out an artist. Music discovery on YouTube is massive. I read a recent report that claimed it’s also the number one internet destination for under 16s. It’s passed Facebook and is even more prevalent among those under 16s. They aren’t reading papers or watching TV so this is the best bet for bands and brands.

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