Young Folk, New Traditions part 2

Lynn Roberts talks to bands and artists at the heart of new acoustic based music

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 12 Nov 2010
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The artists that congregated at the Bosun's Locker included Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn, as well as members of Noah & the Whale, who have all gone on to achieve remarkable success at home and abroad and have built up a real sense of community; new acts join the fold all the time.

Thanks to the original group’s willingness to welcome other players to said fold, there are many artists, neither folk musicians nor west London based, who are now mentioned in the same breath as the Bosun's Locker bands.

An inclusive atmosphere

Laura Marling can claim a great deal of responsibility for this inclusive atmosphere. It was she who first got the press's attention and her faith in the musicians around her means she does everything she can to shine the spotlight on them.

‘I’ve come across lots of musicians that I think lots of people would love to hear,’ she says, ‘but don't have an opportunity because they can't get onto the radio or can't get the money to tour. If you've got the means it's good to help out.’

Peggy Sue, a three-piece band from Brighton and London, along with Sheffield-based upbeat indie pop band Slow Club and London singer-songwriter Alessi's Ark, were among the first outfits to be swept along in the wave that the Bosun's Locker crowd had created.

Peggy Sue’s influences are more soulful than folk, but they have played a good deal with the London folk set. The band’s Katy Young says: ‘We've never lived in West London and we had already been releasing music for two years before we met any of them. But the fact that we can be perceived as part of that community is reflective of those people’s inclusive nature.’

Brighton scene

At the same time, a group of Brighton artists known as The Willkommen Collective (because they all have cellist Will in common) were making a name for themselves in the South. Willkommen band Sons of Noel and Adrian were another act promoted by Marling's Royal Festival Hall show, and they have also toured with Mumford & Sons.

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