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Our latest sync review profiles Warp act Rustie's placement in the Adidas online ad welcoming Leo Messi back to his home city of Barcelona after the World Cup.

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  • By Paul Nichols
  • 22 Sep 2014
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Will Theakston, head of Licensing at Warp, gives us the inside story on how this placement was a great teaser for Rustie’s second album Green Language.

How did the placement happen?
Record Play were the music supervisors on the project. We’re always in touch with new ideas and make sure we send music to them nice and early. Likewise, they keep us in mind for projects that might fit. The placement came about through collaboration - we informed them about the Rustie record and when the music would be available. Velcro was one of the tracks and it grew from there.

So, you worked closely with them for this particular record?
Yes, we’re always sending ideas to music supervisors, either because we think the tracks would work well or we think they’re a fan of that style of music. With this, it was a mixture of us sending songs from the Rustie album and them just getting excited. Traditionally, we’ve also had some success with Rustie and Adidas before. We organised an advert around the time of the London 2012 Olympics on his previous record so there’s a bit of history.

What are the benefits of getting an online advert sync?
Connecting with a global audience is one of the most exciting things. It’s fascinating to watch how people pick up on a placement like this. Many music publications reviewed it while people got pretty excited about it on social media. You see people commenting on placements on TV via Twitter, but with this form of advert, it’s eye opening to see just how quickly it gets shared. You can also include pre-order links to the album next to the vid too.

Are you looking for other placements for Rustie?
We’re always looking at opportunities for artists. We’re thrilled that this one happened but will be doing our utmost to find more interesting opportunities. The timing with Adidas for this one was fantastic. It’s always great to have something underway at the same time as the record’s release. It maximises attention for both artist and album.

What is it that makes Rustie’s music so attractive to brands and advertisers?
Velcro is a dynamic track. It had the energy, build and development they were looking for. There’s only a short amount of time to grab attention, and the mood and music help to do that. It’s great that these brands make interesting choices on their music. We were very happy they thought it was a good fit. Rustie is a phenomenal artist with many fans in the sync world and beyond. However, if the music isn’t great it doesn’t get used. While we work hard to get opportunities, the real work is done by the artists in writing these songs. Ultimately, it’s the quality of their music which shines through.

Rustie is published by Warp Music Publishing