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The Wave Pictures

With The Wave Pictures steadily surfing their own strand of boozy, bluesy lo-fi indie for more than a decade now, we thought it was high time we learned what tracks float their boat...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 31 Mar 2017
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The Wave Pictures have been steadily surfing their own strand of boozy, bluesy lo-fi indie for more than a decade.

Their dedication to the weird and wonderful side of guitar music, together with main man David Tattersall’s way with a kitsch melody and alluring hook, has seen them amass an exuberant back catalogue.

Add in collaborations with kindred spirit Stanley Binks (Herman Dune) and Medway rebel rouser Billy Childish, plus an ace cover of the Daniel Johnston LP Artistic Vice, and you’ve got a substantial - yet vastly underrated - body of work.

Their latest, Bamboo Diner in the Rain, landed on Moshi Moshi late last year, delivering yet another bucketload of artful kitchen-sink pop to wrap our ears around.

Now back with an ace new video for the album's title track, we caught up with David to find out about the songs that are currently getting under his skin…

Ten songs that I like by David Tattersall

The Little Things in Life by Green on Red
This is a very sweet song, it should be very cheesy but it isn't, it's just lovely and easy going. I like Dan Stuart's voice a lot, it's a little bit adolescent but it is world-weary at the same time. His voice sounds like Gordan Gano or Tom Verlaine at times but his attitude is somehow more like Mick Jagger, detached and ironic. [this one isn't available on Spotify, but scroll down to watch the YouTube video]

Dead Flowers by Rolling Stones
This is a good example of Mick Jagger being silly but quite endearing. Dead Flowers is excellent for lots of different reasons. I like the story in the lyrics. And it's a lovely simple, groovy chord progression. This could be a Green on Red song, it's very detached and ironic on one level, but completely straight and affecting on the other. Great guitar playing from Mick Taylor on this one as well. Townes Van Zandt did a lovely cover of this song.

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
I like this song very much, somehow having heard it so many times hasn't made it any less likeable for me. I like Chris Isaak's music.

Hands Up by Rory Gallagher
Rory Gallagher was my guitar hero when I was growing up. He's crazily inventive on the guitar. He's great at electric and acoustic guitar, which is very rare. He has so much feeling and excitement in his music.

Born On the Wrong Side of Time by Taste
This is Rory Gallagher again. It's completely bonkers and perhaps a bit silly, but I really love it. It's exciting! It's psychedelic.

Sedan Delivery by Neil Young and Crazy Horse
I saw the film Year of the Horse last week for the first time. It's a film that Jim Jarmusch made of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on tour. It blew my mind! The live performances in this film are just staggering. They do amazing rocking versions of Tonight's The Night and Barstool Blues, and some newer songs like Big Time that are very likeable. My favourite song in the film was Sedan Delivery, and it's been on my mind ever since. There's something about this song. The lyrics are great. The lunging time changes are great. It's like going in and out of a dream, this song.

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues by Bob Dylan
I managed to learn this song off by heart last year. It was a good thing to do. Every verse of this song is wonderful. It's a great, great song, I think about it all the time. Dylan's the best!

Cocaine by J.J. Cale
I don't know why, but I've been really enjoying listening to J.J. Cale recently. The Wave Pictures sometimes play this song for fun. J.J. Cale was a great guitar player.

Beast of Burden by Rolling Stones
I feel that I should have more than one Rolling Stones song in my list. This is a very groovy song. I love this one. It's classic Ron Wood era Stones. The guitar playing is very good.

Up On the Sun by The Meat Puppets
So weird and brilliant and casual and just genius. The Meat Puppets are the best band from that whole era in my book. I listen to them all the time.


The Wave Pictures play at The Eagle, Manchester, on 5 April and the Prince Albert, Brighton, on 16 April.