Playlist: Shrink

To celebrate the release of his debut self-titled EP, we asked Shrink to make us a playlist.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 12 Feb 2021
  • min read

Shrink is the latest project to come from 22-year-old Sam Breathwick, a multi-talented artist who has also found success through his production work as Vasser.

Following a few months of single releases, including the lo-fi Drowning and captivating Eraser, the Connie Constance and NAYANA IZ collaborator has today (12 February) dropped his debut EP.

Discussing Shrink, Sam says: ‘I wrote the majority of this EP about and from the perspective of my brother, seeing him slip into several lows because of depression, medication and misdiagnosis. It put a lot of strain on my parents and resulted in the atmosphere at home being pretty bad. It really tested my parents but their care for him was what got him to some form of stability again, showed me a lot of what it means to show unconditional love.’

To celebrate the release of the Shrink EP, we asked the man himself to make a playlist for the weekend. Tune in.

Give Eraserspin below. 

1010 Benja SL - Tragic SL

This song feels like a great odyssey, and really shows how great his voice is - all of the vocal melodies are so memorable. My favourite part is when it breaks down into a bit-crushed plucky synth bit and he starts singing ‘here I am, bathing in sunlight, hoping it’ll be alright’.

Robert Wyatt - Free Will and Testament

A favourite song of mine for his lyrics! The song structure and production are so simple but the lyrics really make it stand out, I really like his questioning and reasoning of reality.

Juana Molina - Los Pies Helados

I found her album Halo through a friend last year and quickly became a big fan, I think her production  and sound selection is really unique, and admire her for switching career paths (actor to musician) and really nailing it.

Chicago - Hard Habit To Break

I’ve been listening to this a lot recently. I totally rejected Chicago (amongst others) throughout my adolescence because my Dad always used to listen to them, but I think there’s some really interesting songwriting choices in this - especially when they drop into the chug guitar breakdown/middle 8 and the huge, stacked synth bit.

The Freshies - Something’s Burning

I wish I’d written this, it feels like such a familiar song and really stuck with me. I think the mix is pretty rough around the edges but that just adds more to the charm of it. I also love the reverse cymbal on the snare.


I really like his recent release LATE NIGHT as well, his production is really unique and the cartoonish, sped up vocal delivery is really catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Looking forward to his project.

John Martyn - Couldn’t Love You More

The ‘Glorious Fool’ recording is a personal favourite of mine because the playing on it is so tight and effortless. His vocal delivery is also nice and slinky and smooth. I would’ve paid good money to have seen him perform this take. RIP!

Arthur - AB

I love Arthur, he’s who I listen to the most at the moment, his writing is so ‘short but sweet’, and his production is always really interesting and messy. This song in particular cuts through to a really condensed sweet spot for me.

Luke Temple - Empty Promises

I learnt this on the guitar the other week and was baffled as to how this was written. The production is also nice and interesting, I really think his album 'Both And’ should’ve gotten more recognition, I’ve taken a lot from it especially in production taste.

otta - I’ll always be the man

Her recent project Songbook was one of my favourites of last year, and really liked this song for her approach to production and songwriting, they feel like they compliment each other so much that they’re singular.