Sensoria Festival

Sensoria Festival

This week we leave our playlist to the eclectic tastemaking talents of Jo Wingate and Nigel Humberstone, the organisers behind Sheffield’s Sensoria Festival.

  • By Alex Rusted
  • 14 Sep 2018
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This week we leave our playlist to the eclectic tastemaking talents of Jo Wingate and Nigel Humberstone, the organisers behind Sheffield’s Sensoria Festival.

Celebrating its tenth year in the Steel City, Sensoria showcases a potent mix of film screenings, art exhibitions, educational talks and of course – a hefty dollop of live music.

Spanning just over a week at the end of September, Sensoria will be taking over the city with a series of events spread out across Sheffield’s music venues, art spaces, cinemas and just about anywhere large enough to fit a crowd.

Sensoria prides itself on taking risks and exuding innovation, which in a musical sense, translates to an intoxicating and eclectic playlist that has time for everyone from Kylie Minogue and Betty Davis to Drenge and TVAM.

The festival runs from 27 September to 6 October. Head to the Sensoria website to find out more and grab tickets.

International Teachers of Pop - Age of The Train

Emerging from the remnants of I Monster, Eccentronic Research Council and The Moonlandingz - the International Teachers of Pop are proof that Sheffield's musical heritage keeps on giving. With a seemingly instantaneous rise to infamy, their forthcoming home town debut show at Sensoria sold out weeks in advance.

Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different

Betty Davis was a Funk Queen and aspiring songwriter who changed the landscape for female artists in America. A feminist pioneer, she took control of her image and recordings. Then suddenly - she vanished.

Jlin - Black Origami

Another Sheffield first for Sensoria. This track, from the critically lauded Black Origami album, exhibits Jlin's different perspective on electronic/club music, bringing footwork to a wider audience.

Beak> - Brean Down

BEAK> make for a mesmeric live experience driven by motorik beats and twisted synths. Featuring Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame plus Billy Fuller and Will Young, aka. Moon Gangs, their third album >>> drops just before their Sheffield live debut at Sensoria.

Ex-Easter Island Head - Four Guitars

Ex-Easter Island Head's live performance with solid-bodied guitars and percussion are both precise and pulsing.

Rolo Tomassi - Aftermath

Rolo Tomassi play a home town special show (supported by Fvnerals and Ba'al) curated as part of the Sensoria Young Bookers Scheme, aimed at encouraging young promoters.

TVAM - These Are Not Your Memories

TVAM is Joe Oxley's one-man band. Hailing from Manchester and grabbing the attention of radio playlists, his debut album Psychic Data is released October 19th.

Richard Hawley - The Ocean

Richard Hawley needs little introduction, with a new album imminent, his prolific studio and soundtrack work is second to none.

For a third year running, Richard and special guests, will present the popular 3 Ring Circus - 3 artists rotating to play 3 venues on one memorable night.

Kylie Minoque - Spinning Around

This track represents part of the retrospective music video package screening at Sensoria by Dawn Shadforth, one of music video’s most quietly prolific auteurs.

Drenge - Before The War Begins

Drenge are celebrating the release of their new EP, Autonomy, at Sensoria, with an evening of cake, dancing and Robo-Karaoke.


Pictured: Jlin