Pale Honey

Pale Honey

Meshing dirty synths and distorted guitars, Gothenburg-based duo Pale Honey are a deadly but saccharine pairing of grunged-up pop. Check out their playlist ahead of their London show on 7 November...

  • By Lucy Doyle
  • 3 Nov 2017
  • min read
Meshing dirty synths and distorted guitars, Gothenburg-based duo Pale Honey are a deadly but saccharine pairing.

Compared to riot grrrl heroines like PJ Harvey and Sleater-Kinney, their second full-length, Devotion, was released in October via Bolero Recordings and it's an assured slice of grunged-up pop with killer sing-along choruses that'll make you wish it was festival season already.

Luckily, they've got a headline show coming up at London's The Old Blue Last on 7 November that'll give you all the sweaty, rock 'n' roll fuelled action you're craving.

Ahead of the gig, they dig into their record collections to curate our Friday playlist. Scroll down to listen...

Head Like a Haunted House - Queens of the Stone Age
Qotsa is a long time favourite band of ours. The new release Villains is lovely, and this opening track from the album gives us shivers down our spines. We simply love Joshua Homme.

Purple Heart - Kashmir (not on Spotify unfortunately – check it out here)
An upbeat song about heartache taken from the album E.A.R that we keep spinning in the car when we’re touring. The album is packed with wonderful songs for every mood.

Medicine - Cirkus
This one has great sound, a perfect beat and yes, we do wish we wrote it ourselves.

Flexible Heart - Jaako Eino Kalevi
The perfect  disco beat. In the car, before a gig or at our home parties that consists of us two sitting in bed with our computers in our laps and a can of beer in our hands. Both hands. Just like now.

Freestyler - Bomfunk MC’s
Yes, it is an old song. Yes, we remember the video being played on MTV and wish we could breakdance as kids. But the sound is still amazing and the song deserves to be listened to over and over again. FREESTYLER!

Dum Surfer - King Krule
King Krule is our saviour in the night. We love the mix of genres and the rough, magical voice of his. 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was a favourite for a long time, but now we were more than ready for the new.

Still Beating - Mac Demarco
We played at Dockville once and saw Mac Demarco playing in the rain afterwards, it was a great tour where we slept in the rain, got a cold, couldn’t afford anything to eat but got free shots at the VIP area. Never forget.

I Have Been to the Mountain - Kevin Morby
A magical song that brings out the best out of our karaoke sessions in the car. With this bad boy on while cooking you always make the best food as well.

Detroit - Pink Milk
We had the honor of having Pink Milk opening for us during some gigs on our tour and hearing Detroit live gave us goosebumps. They are truly wonderful people, and masters of reverb.

Hoover - Yung Lean
Another act that we saw during Dockville, perfect for keeping us awake in the car, before gigs or whenever actually. Yung Lean has been a favorite and the last time we saw him we didn't have the courage to say hello. Maybe next time.