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Our latest playlist is curated by Muncie Girls' Lande Hekt. Given the band's deep love of skittish riffs and piercing polemics, her picks are bang on the money...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 17 Feb 2017
  • min read
This week, our playlist has been lovingly compiled by Lande Hekt from Muncie Girls.

It’s got a heap of classic acts on there, from the delectable Scottish noisemakers The Pastels right through to political agitators Bikini Kill.

Given the Muncie Girls’ deep love of skittish riffs and piercing polemics, Lande’s picks are bang on the money.

Last year’s LP, From Caplan to Belize, was one of 2016’s stand-out debuts, rippling with all the things we love most about DIY indie and freeform punk-rock.

If you didn’t get round to tuning in, it’s like Veruca Salt, Le Tigre and Huggy Bear all packed into one hot sweaty recording studio. Sublime stuff.

With the band off to SXSW next month, courtesy of some timely support from PRS Foundation’s International Showcase Fund, we asked Lande to tell us what she’s currently digging…

The Pastels - Nothing to be Done
I can’t stop listening to Pastels’ songs. This one especially, because it has the catchiest outro of any song ever and I keep singing it in the shower.

The Raincoats - Fairytale in the Supermarket 
The Raincoats are a band that make you want to start a band. I was already in a band when I first heard them, but they made me want to start another one.

Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
My computer just autocorrected to ‘Sweater-Kinney’! This song has such a brilliant riff and is politically brave af.

The Cut Ups – A Nuclear Half Life 
The Cut Ups set a precedent for punk bands like ours in Exeter. This one is my favourite from their new LP, The Nerves.

Shit Present - House - Breakdown 
This song is off their new EP, Misery and Disaster and I just absolutely love it. It sounds like Against Me! but poppier and I’m quite sure that the lyrics are perfect.

Patti Smith - Pissing in a River
From her album, Radio Ethiopia which I picked up when we were in Berlin. Basically ‘piano rock’ with lyrics about bowels and love!

Against Me! - We Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules
Reinventing Axl Rose was on repeat for me around the time we started Muncie Girls. It’s a big tune.

Bikini Kill - Statement of Vindication
This was the accompanying song to my discovery of sexism and feminism.
[We couldn’t find this on Spotify to check out the track in the video below]

John K. Samson – Requests
I was sad that The Weakerthans broke up, until I heard John K. Samson’s new record, Winter Wheat. This song’s really nice.

The Popguns - Waiting for the Winter
I’m going through a total Popguns addiction period at the moment. This song is really fast and I like the chorus very much.