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Brazilian Husband and Wife duo, Laima and Iggor, better known as Mixhell, make restlessly pounding techno tunes underpinned by lush and synth-scapes.

  • By Alex Rusted
  • 31 Aug 2018
  • min read
Husband and Wife duo, Laima and Iggor, better known as Mixhell, are making some of the most restlessly pounding techno tunes around, all underpinned by lush synth-scapes and spotless production.

They began working together in 2004 quickly set about spreading the gospel of Brazilian techno, touring across Europe and the US and collaborating with some of the biggest names in dance and electronic music like Diplo, MSTRKRFT, 2manydjs and DJ Hell.

Latest release Strong and Wrong sees the couple working with long-time friend Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and Mutado Pintado of Paranoid London & Warmduscher to form a uniquely pulsating and poetic techno EP that really stands apart from its contemporaries.

Following the release of the record we caught up with Laima and Iggor to find out which tunes inspired the record and what they just can’t stop listening to right now…


Swans - Blackmail 

Beautiful song by noise/industrial masters.

Blanck Mass - Rhesus Negative

Ex Fuck Buttons Ben, brings a whole new layer of intensity to this project.

Alessandro Cortini - Perdonare

Also known as part of Nine Inch Nails, this is one of my favourite records right now, drenched in drone with amazing melodies.

NAH - Broke

One-man band from philly, mixing noise, hiphop and mayhem.

Dedekind Cut - Tahoe

This guy should be the chosen one to do the soundtrack for the new Blade Runner movie, very inspirational stuff.

Laurie Anderson - Big Science 

This is a poem within a song. I love the idea that music, poetry, film and art inter connects. There is no limit. The listener chooses how to experience this track.

Soulwax - Essential 4

It’s sweet to be surprised by your own friends. On this one is the way it was mixed that makes me happy. The pans, the layers, each sound has its place and they live together.

Alejandro Jodorowski - Rainbow Room

A Classic from one of our all-time favourite movies. We tend to admire tracks that promote thoughts, reflection in a ritualistic way, this one does for sure.

Feel of Reality - Sweet Energy

Reminds us of a new version of Will Power’s xxx. Techno motivation.

Mark Leckey - Dream English Kid 

To listen to this one, you’ll have to access an entire art piece from Leckey. The collage of sounds is amazingly creative. How powerful can be one telling its own life story?