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LOUD WOMEN are a DIY collective supporting, promoting and hosting female-fronted bands. We ask founder Cassie Fox to compile this week's playlist ahead of their inaugural festival...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 19 Aug 2016
  • min read
LOUD WOMEN are a DIY collective championing women in music by supporting, promoting and hosting female-fronted gigs.

They were willed into existence by the formidable Cassie Fox (of The Wimmins’ Institute and Thee Faction) at the We Shall Overcome anti-austerity concerts staged across the UK last October.

Dismayed by the gig listings, which featured hundreds of men and very few women, she founded the collective, which has now laid on scores of female-friendly events across London and beyond.

With the inaugural LOUD WOMEN all-dayer slated for 3 September, we ask Cassie for her top picks from the bill…

Vodun - Mawu
Described by MOJO as ‘Aretha fronting Royal Blood’, this London-based trio uniquely blend Afro-punk, psych and soul. Their live performances include body paint and fire – actual fire!

Desperate Journalist - Control
Hotly-tipped indie post-punkers, led by the immaculate Jo Bevan of Joanne Joanne fame. The band have just finished touring with Chameleons Vox and have a superb new album coming out.

Louise Distras - Bullets
Manchester-based folk-punk singer-songwriter Louise has gained a massive following all over the UK, and is also darling of the West Coast USA. She self-released her debut album, Dreams from the Factory Floor, and is in discussion with a major label for her second album. Watch this space.

Lilith Ai – Hang Tough
A talented singer-songwriting in her own right, Lilith Ai has also spearheaded the Fight Like a Girl project, helping all-female bands across the UK to gain exposure to new audiences.

The Wimmins’ Institute – Nando’s
LOUD WOMEN’s founder, Cassie Fox’s own band – a pop-punk supergroup of sorts made up of two former Linus members, and two current Thee Faction members. The band’s debut album ‘Badass Lady Power Picnic’ has been widely cheered in the music press, and regularly played on BBC 6. For fans of The Raincoats and Throwing Muses.

Fightmilk – Your Girlfriend
A late addition to the line-up, and a perfect fit for the LOUD WOMEN ethos to help promote brand new bands. It’s a rightly-deserved place – this angry but melodic foursome have just self-released a top class EP, and their last appearance at a LOUD WOMEN show earned them a photo on the front cover of The Morning Star.

The Ethical Debating Society – Run Rudolf Run
The band with the best name on the line-up, and arguably the loudest frontwoman too – the awesome Tegan Christmas is a force to be reckoned with.

Dolls - Audrey
Grunge-punk duo Dolls have been championed by BBC Introducing and John Kennedy at Radio X. Worth catching live for their energetic stage show, reminiscent of early Bangles.

Grace Petri – Farewell to Welfare
Grace Petrie is a folk singer, songwriter and activist from Leicester, UK. Her unique takes on life, love and politics, and the warmth and wit with which they are delivered, have won over audiences everywhere, and she has quietly become one of the most respected and prolific songwriters working in the UK today.

Argonaut - TV
Argonaut are purveyors of fiery female fronted alternative punk-rock. The band released their self-titled debut in 2012 and have recently unleashed their second album Try.