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Lanzarote Works

Lanzarote Works are the gang behind a clutch of hallowed Hackney haunts. Testament to their endeavours, they’ve turned in a fab playlist featuring some of the ace acts they’re hosting soon...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 22 Jul 2016
  • min read
Lanzarote Works are the live music-loving gang behind hallowed Hackney haunts The Shacklewell Arms, The Waiting Room and The Moth Club.

Over recent times, they've helped revitalise East London's industrious independent scene, programming and championing some of music’s more adventurous noisemakers.

Testament to their endeavours, they’ve turned in a fab playlist for us this week featuring some of the ace artists they’re hosting over the rest of the summer...

Exploded View - Orlando
The forthcoming album to be released on Sacred Bones is some of Anika's finest work. Atmospheric, dark and engrossing. Looking forward to the Shacklewell show in August.

Camera - From The Outside
There's a youtube video of these guys playing on the Berlin underground creating the most insane sound of of the tiniest pair of amps you've ever seen that you should definitely check out after you leave here. But in the meantime From the Outside gives you a good insight into their brand of swirling krautrock.

Amber Arcades - I Will Follow
This is from one of our favourite releases this year. Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf fuses pop melodies and indie guitar lines. We're really looking forward to her Moth Club show.

The Proper Ornaments - Now I Understand
These guys made a welcome return to the London live circuit at Moth Club last week.

First Hate - Trojan Horse
This fits somewhere between nineties eurodance, madchester acid house and desolate pop from a not too distant future.

Rendez Vous - Distance
The French duo are a perfect example of the convergence between techno and post-punk. This taps into the best of both genres with deafening synths and pulsating drum rhythms.

Odonis Odonis - Needs
The Toronto trio step away from their surf/garage beginnings to craft an album of coldwave brutalism, with sci-fi leanings.

Labardoor - Silence
Summer ready indie pop. These guys play at The Waiting Room in August.

Shitkid - Whyte
The most simplistic of bass line and slurred, repetitive vocals add up to one of the most infectiously moody tracks we've heard this year.

Vox Low - Something Is Wrong
Parisan duo Benoit Raymond and Jean Christophe Couderc bring their blend of coldwave, krautrock and post-punk to The Waiting Room in September. This one is a standout.

Upcoming shows:
Odonis Odonis (The Waiting Room, Wednesday 20 July)
Labradoor (The Waiting Room, Tuesday 9 August)
Exploded View (The Shacklewell Arms, Tuesday 23 August)
Rendez-Vous (The Waiting Room, Tuesday 6 September)
First Hate (The Waiting Room, Wednesday 14 September)
Camera (The Shacklewell Arms, Thursday 22 September)
Vox Low (The Waiting Room, Thursday 22 September)
Amber Arcades (MOTH Club, Thursday 20 October)