Jason Boardman

Jason Boardman

Manchester DJ and promoter Jason Boardman is behind our latest playlist, a delicious selection of music of balearic and beyond. Dig into cuts from Peter Broderick, Steve Cobby and Talking Heads...

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 2 Sep 2016
  • min read
Welcome to this week's playlist, curated by Manchester DJ and label Jason Boardman.

Jason is one half of the team behind Manchester's vinyl only record label Aficionado Recordings alongside the legendary Richard Moonboots. The duo source all releases and curate and DJ at Aficionado events. Jason is also the manager of emerging Manchester indie band Horsebeach and operates as an ambassador for Ticketweb in the north of England.

Aficionado commence their London DJ Residency at Spiritland - Kings Cross on Sunday 25 September and will release the Bronze Savage and Good Measure EPs later this year on Aficionado Recordings. If you're at Festival No. 6 this weekend, then you'll be able to hear Jason playing...  Check out his playlist below...

Michael Kiwanuku - Cold Little Heart

A masterpiece, emotive and honest song writing matched with stunning production and arrangement by Danger Mouse.

L.U.C.A - Nuovo OrdineEquilibrio

Huge fan of the Edizioni Mondo label who release beautiful electronic pieces inspired by vintage library music. This is from Mondo main man Francesco De Bellis aka L.U.C.A’s new LP I Semi Del Futuro.

Steve Cobby - Mahalo

Cobby channels the spirit of Vini Reilly and blends it with his own take on laconic electronics, one of my favourite tracks from last year’s excellent Everliving LP

Quinn Lamont Luke - Otono

This instrumental is from our most recent release on Aficionado Recordings - The Temporadas EP by our good friend Quinn. He recorded one track per season on a four track in his home studio in upstate New York.

Cantoma - Clear Coast (ft. Brenda Ray)

Phil Mison a.k.a Cantoma landed his latest LP earlier this summer and it has been in my box ever since. This track is a collaboration with Brenda ‘Beachball’ Ray who contributes sweet vocals and reggae trumpet to this summer jam.

Jorkes - Thank You (Menage a Trois remix)

Great remix of the mysterious Jorkes from Manchester’s finest neo soul band Ménage A Trois.

Project Sandro - Blazer

Whenever or wherever I play this record I always get asked what it is, without fail!  An epic ten minutes of modern deep balearica.

Talking Heads - Seen and Not Seen

A song from my all-time favourite LP and my all-time favourite band!

Begin Optical - Optical Holiday Part 2

James Holroyd is a legendary figure in dance music, this takes me back to this year’s Love International Festival in Tisno where he performed this live at The Sunrise sessions.

Joe Tossini and Friends - Wild Dream

The Sky Girl compilation of lost private presses is a work of art, it was hard to pick one track from this outstanding collection, but I plumped for this Italian/American oddity from 1982.

Peter Broderick - Freyr!

I included this song as it always makes me smile, a lament for his lost cat Freyr. Broderick manages to turn a potentially dark tale into a humorous and uplifting celebration of life in a Johnny Cash style.