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We hand the reins over to Fujiya & Miyagi, a krauty quartet who marry the desolation of the German autobahn with the retro-futurism of Britain’s synth-pop pioneers...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 7 Oct 2016
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For 15 years, Krautrock quartet Fujiya & Miyagi have been marrying the desolation of the German autobahn with the retro-futurism of Britain’s early synth-pop pioneers.

With more than a nod and a wink to Italo-disco, layered over a reassuringly heavy groove, the Brightonians have carved a sonic niche inhabited by no one else.

Now back with a series of EPs that riff on their innate scepticism and sonic austerity, they’re gliding along the F&M highway at glittering speed.

To celebrate their return, we asked the band to curate our latest playlist. Here’s what they came up with…

The Walker brothers - Shutout
Although fans of the four Scott walker written songs on the last walker brothers lp would probably go for the electrician or the title track nite flights as the stand out song there's something about the nagging claustrophobic funk of shutout that does it for me. It paves the way for 'climate of the hunter' and must have been an influence on David Bowie who I know was a big fan.

Chrisma - Black Silk Stockings
I think there's an improbable Vangelis connection to Chrisma. This has a propulsive rhythm and sounds really dirty. I have found myself revisiting this song quite a lot over the last few years.

John Maus - Bennington
I hope one day we get to hear a new John Maus record. It's been a while. I came to him quite late on. I love his efficient songwriting skills. It's concise and there is no flab. He is also a singular talent which is a more than admirable quality.

Ultravox - Hiroshima Mon Amour
I only discovered this song last year. I suppose I was put off them by the later stuff which is a bit too bombastic for my taste. If it were boombastic I might have liked it. I hear echos of roxy musics 'both ends burning' in the vocal melody and it shares an aesthetic with them in general.

Terry Riley - In the Summer
I got really into Terry Riley when when we were waiting for my first son to be born. It's perfect music to wait to or to escape to. There's also something of the My Bloody Valentine about this song which is always a good thing.

Magazine - Sweetheart Contract
I haven't got the luxury of waiting or escaping reality at the moment so I prefer to listen to music with a nervous energy to propel me to accomplish more. Devo, Modern Lovers, Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Magazine all fit into that category at the moment for me. It's not a time for doing nothing.

David Bowie - Bring Me the Disco King
Since my late teens/early twenties I have loved David Bowie. I wanted to play guitar like Carlos Alomar too. Aladdin Sane, right up to Scary Monsters, have consistently soundtracked my everyday for over 20 years. Blackstar was a stunning record which reveals itself further the more you listen to it. Since his death I probably have thought about him everyday in one way or another. I think this song was written in the seventies but only appeared in 2003. It feels like a sparser lady grinning soul or something like that. It would be easy to pick something from Low but I thought it would be more interesting to highlight a song from later on.

EP2 is released on 28 October via Impossible Objects of Desire. Tune in here.

November live dates:
3th - The Exchange, Bristol
4th - Deaf Institute, Manchester
11th – The Haunt, Brighton