Blitz Kids

We're celebrating eclectic sound of The Blitz - a tiny London club that influenced some of the eighties' most flamboyant acts. Expect cuts from Can, Eno, Visage, Flying Lizards, Japan & more...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 12 Sep 2014
  • min read
Back in the late seventies, a tiny club on the fringes of London’s Covent Garden became the epicentre for a new generation of musicians, artists and fashionistas who would go on to define the next decade.

Every Tuesday, nightbirds, former punks, soul boys, rockabillies, photographers and art students would congregate at The Blitz to tune in to everything from Kraftwerk and Can to the latest soul and funk cuts coming in from the US.

The former wine bar’s music policy was a far cry from the generic disco that had, by 1979, infected most of the capital’s club scene. Instead, it replaced the do-it-yourself ethos left behind after punk.

Coined ‘Blitz Kids’, the weekly clientele caused moral outrage and garnered countless column inches for their flamboyant style, brazen gender-bending and outrageous make-up.

Regulars at the futuristic disco included Boy George and Culture Club, Gary Numan, Spandau Ballet, Visage and Ultravox – all of whom would go on to define the decadent eighties pop scene.

For this week’s playlist, we’re celebrating The Blitz and its huge contribution to British music and style.

After Spandau Ballet received their PRS for Music Heritage Award at the club (now Red Rooms) earlier this week, we spoke to them about what they remember most from the venue’s heyday.

This selection is based on the music they danced to and the bands they grew up with at The Blitz…

Watch our video interview with Spandau Ballet