Abbey Road Studios

For our latest playlist we asked Abbey Road mastering engineer Alex Wharton to provide us with a selection of tracks he’s helped cut at the studios. Check out tunes from Aurora, Radiohead, the Pixies and Marvin Gaye…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 22 May 2015
  • min read

Welcome to this week’s playlist, curated by Abbey Road mastering engineer Alex Wharton.

Alex has been working at the famous studios for a number of years and has provided us with a wide ranging selection of just some of the music he’s worked on over the years. It’s a list of musical heavy hitters but only represents a small portion of the music mastered at the studios by the team of engineers toiling there.

Visit the Abbey Road website to find out more about their mastering and online mastering services. Watch our video interview with fellow Abbey Road mastering engineer Geoff Pesche. Below you can find out more about Alex’s selections. Dig into music from Aurora, Radiohead and Marvin Gaye…

Aurora: Running With The Wolves

I used an analogue chain for the mastering process which worked great with this track, giving it a really nice, warm sound. Norway has so many talented artists, with Aurora being one of the newest on the scene. Definitely has something special.

Radiohead: Lotus Flower

I was lucky enough to cut The King Of Limbs with Ed O’Brien. I grew up listening to this band and they never cease to amaze me. Their creativity is immeasurable.

Primary 1 ft. Nina Persson: The Blues

Cut this to vinyl a few years ago. That amazing bassline has always stuck with me. It has such a lush soundscape which envelopes you.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan ft. Willy Mason: Cool Water

I have worked with Isobel for a number of years. This track always stood out to me during the album mastering sessions. I love the soft, soulful vibe it creates.

Pixies: No 13 Baby (Demo 2)

It was an honour to work on Dolittle 25. This is a bonus track off the album. I can’t get enough of the end riff!

Merchandise: Green Lady

These boys are far from their old punk sound. I love the production and eighties feel. I mastered this track using an EMI TG desk (1972) and the Shadow Hills compressor; I feel it works beautifully alongside Gareth Jone’s mix.

St. Germain: Real Blues

This track only came out on the 4th May. It’s great to see Ludovic back doing what he does best.

Beastie Boys: B For My Name

One of my favourite bands of all time. It was an absolute pleasure to cut this record.

Marvin Gaye: Groovin’

I’m currently cutting a lot of Marvin’s back catalogue using the hi-res audio from the original tapes. A real honour.

Sophie Hunger: Craze

Absolutely love the sound of Sophie’s pure, soulful vocals along with the rawness of the production. Definitely my favourite track off her album Supermoon. Each track has a sentimental quality to it. The best thing about this is it’s notably not over produced.

Novo Amor: Callow

This is definitely a track I’ve chosen for the soundscape. Great production, lovely warmth and harmonics with a powerful ending.

Israel Abiara: Same Story Prelude (feat. Judah2k)

Israel originates from Nigeria but was living in Wandsworth at the time he sent this in. I was blown away by the energy and musicianship. On a Fela tip, I’d love to see this live!