NEO 10Y: A genre and gender expansive future for music

As Pride month draws to a close, non-binary multi-disciplinary artist NEO 10Y writes about the intersection of consciousness and oneness in music, and the importance of connecting with sound for a spiritual revolution.

  • 30 Jun 2022
  • min read

As an aligned independent artist, I am in control of my destiny and my art is an authentic representation of oneness, high concept, but relatable to all. 

The greatest purpose of any artist is to channel the voice of the universe into their vision and lyricism. As with a lot of reality as it stands, music as an ‘industry’ became corrupt, but finally authentic artistry is reclaiming control. Power is finding its way back to the artist. Growing up, there wasn’t a single mainstream representation of me in pop music, lyrically or visually. The war on consciousness extended deep into the music industry. The system didn’t allow outspoken thinkers to thrive on commercial platforms, let alone a desi, vegan, Goddex. I didn’t fit the mould, and I still don’t, but what were once deemed oppressions are now my superpowers. 

'That is what my songs are for, to help people choose love within and beyond themselves, so that we can accelerate this healing process for humxnity.'

As a species, we have an incoming gender expansive and vegan majority for the population of planet Earth, an entire spectrum of humxn beings that truly understand that binaries and violence are holding us back from peace will soon be the new mainstream. This is a good thing, we are in a spiritual revolution. 

So that is what my songs are for, to help people choose love within and beyond themselves, so that we can accelerate this healing process for humxnity. I may have disidentified, but I am also cognitively aware of my assets, wisdom and identity as a person and sentient being who is active in the arts in this transitional moment in the history of music. 

Shortcut To World Peace and our collective message of love still hasn’t received the platform that it needs, and I am at peace with that, because the universe works in mysterious ways and I trust the process. Also I have nothing but time on planet Earth to help solve world peace through music and entertainment. I have been releasing songs and music videos for six years, I have performed in London, LA and NY, from raves to the Roundhouse, at major pride events to tens of thousands of people. I have two million streams, and over a million views across all of my music videos, but it still feels like there’s a way to go. 

People see the universe in me, I have documented synchronicities in my art for years. Even my name means oneness / the universe / love. NEO 10Y comes from the word neoteny, which means the retention of childlike characteristics in the adult, so the idea of choosing love and leading with your inner child. 

You break it down, NEO is an anagram for ONE, and 10 is complete binary code, i.e. oneness which is also the same meaning as my name in Sanskrit, which is Nikhil, which means complete. There are then sonic parallels to my legal name, which is Nik Thakkar, leaving Y for curiosity energy which leads to love. However, the spiritual revolution has a side to it that can be more vulnerable for me. As with any person who is using their voice in a way that goes against the norm, I receive a tonne of online troll engagement. I compartmentalise it by saying that the infamy is proportional, and also a segue to fame, and therefore currency… so I embrace it. It is usually rooted in ignorance and a direct reaction to my views on love energy, speciesism as the root of all oppression, non-violence and my gender non-conformity, so I tend to reply to hate messages with love and wisdom. Often I get messages back a few months later from people saying that I have helped them go vegan or understand themselves better etc., even if at first they were triggered, but that’s the humxn condition. 

'My art is multi-dimensional, and I make songs about world peace and love, but the constructs that I create with are still rooted in a sense of subversiveness, sonically, visually and lyrically.'

My new single is Vapid Prophecy, which is an anthem for a spiritual revolution. It was written to inspire love and reiterate the message of Shortcut To World Peace, but also to help people feel empowered and connected with their inner Goddex. This is also in line with my song Stan Yourself, which has the same message at it’s core, self-realisation for amplified love.  

My art is multi-dimensional, and I make songs about world peace and love, but the constructs that I create with are still rooted in a sense of subversiveness - sonically, visually and lyrically. The common thread is channelling the universe, but within that, two of my most popular songs are called Crackhead Angel and Unrelatable Autosexual. There is comedy and nuance in my art that keeps me engaged and personal, but also allows the songs to transcend and find a place of their own. 

We already know that pop is the original genre expansive category, but reclaiming pop to it’s core, not something shaped by identity or record labels, is something that not only I am doing, but every other viral artist creating authentically, with growing popularity, is doing. The algorithm is now what is redefining pop, and the music industry system can still be quite entrenched in the capitalistic genre models. This is being eroded and the best part of all of this is that listeners are seeking out conscious and connected, multi-dimensional voices. People are seeing through the ghost writes and fabrications, and iconic, authentic independent artists are not only set to dominate, but are truly the new gods of music. 

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Photo by Elana Joseph