M chatted recently with Luke and Jonny from fiN in their lair at CATO Studios in Wandsworth.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 27 Oct 2011
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The band have been touring Europe with The Kooks and Mona before joining Incubus for their UK and European tour. You can buy tickets for the show with Mona at Shepherds Bush Empire here. fiN's debut 7" single is available here.

What was the first song you created as a band?
Luke: The track Twenty Three which was written about my Dad.  It was originally about me resenting my father, then when we came to record the track for the album, my feelings had changed, so I turned the sentiment around to tell him I understand him.

Do you have defined songwriting sessions or are songs created in rehearsals?
Luke: A bit of both. I come up with the bones of the track and play them to Jonny. He tells me if it's any good, then we take it to the band after a little messing around.
But tracks like The Artisan came from a drunken late night jam. Everybody gets to have their input on the tracks, we are pretty diplomatic.

Can you tell me how you put together the songs that became your album??
Jonny: The tracks have been written over a few years and have come together in all sorts of different ways. We wanted to create a debut record that shows the dark side and the positive nature of life. Overall, we wanted to make a record that people play on a Friday and Saturday night before going out to party, have fun, getting drunk or high!

Can the tell us some of the inspirations behind your lyrics?
Luke: The track Lucky You is about envy of the simple things in life. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that some people are content with a really simple life and have no ambition to change. My OCD gets in the way of something that should be easy. I got tired trying to want to fit in and be like everybody else. The sentiment is 'You don't know yourself, lucky you'.

Have other artists influenced your sound?
Jonny: A lot of different acts have inspired us, from strange things like Phil Collins through to Nirvana, we all like different bands. But collectively we love Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin  and dEUS.

What's the story behind your instrumental single - The Artisan?
Jonny: We wrote this on Luke's birthday in a derelict house that was shaped like a box. It was a drunken jam and the idea came at around 3 or4am.  Luckily we recorded the track on our home-made studio, or it would have been lost!

Do you use gigs to develop songs that might be a work in progress?
Luke: No, we are only just starting live shows. We are out on tour with The Kooks, before heading out with Incubus, where we need to make the performances count for something!

What are some of the themes behind the songs on the album?
Luke: The overall message is a celebration against adversity. We made the record on our own as we had no money, our friends were skint, our parents lost their jobs. we had to do something for ourselves before we went bloody crazy. But Just because we have no money it doesn't mean you have to be miserable.

Watch fiN perform It Changes Everything in glorious HD sound and vision. You can watch fiN perform The Artisan here.