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Learn how to grow your overseas royalties

Want to know more about international royalties and how to maximise your overseas earnings? PRS for Music staff share their top tips...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 26 Apr 2016
  • min read
International royalties provide an increasingly important source of income for UK songwriters and composers.

In 2014, they accounted for around 28 percent of the PRS for Music’s overall income, bringing in £188.2m for rightsholders. 2015’s figures, when they’re published next month, are expected to top this record.

With the growing significance of international royalty collections, PRS for Music held a seminar for its songwriter and composer members keen to learn what the society is doing on their behalf.

Liam Donnelly, head of international, and Patrick Williams, head of data and documentation, led sessions explaining the organisation’s overseas operations and offering tips on how members can help maximise their earnings.

Below, Liam and Patrick offer their top takeaways from the session:

Want to know more? PRS for Music members can access Liam and Patrick’s takeaways here: