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Verity Griffiths, Cooking Vinyl

Verity Griffiths, Cooking Vinyl’s head of Sync, let us in on her experiences on the LA Sync Mission and why she’s always looking for ‘swagger’ in her music…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 9 Sep 2015
  • min read
Verity Griffiths, head of sync at Cooking Vinyl, was one of more than 40 representatives from the UK music industry to journey to Los Angeles on the recent Sync Mission.

Organised by the BPI and Music Publishers Association, in conjunction with UKTI, the venture looks to marry British and US business.

Cooking Vinyl is an independent label with Billy Bragg, Röyksopp and Madness among its roster and one that is ripe for sync opportunities. We quizzed Verity on the mission and her tips for artists looking to break into this ever-burgeoning income stream…

Why did you choose to embark on the recent sync mission? What were your aims when you joined the initiative?

I’ve attended the sync mission three times previously and have always found the calibre of panels and quality of networking events to be second to none. I didn’t have to think twice about going again, with the aim of creating new and consolidating existing relationships to continue to maximise sync opportunities for our artists

How did you find your recent experiences?

The 2015 Sync Mission far exceeded my expectations. It provided a fantastic week of learning and networking opportunities that will benefit our artists for years to come.

What were/will be the best bits/biggest benefits of taking part?

The incredible access to top notch supervisors and insights into their working lives to ensure they know our music and we are as easy for them to work with as possible

Outside the US, which other regions offer great opportunity for sync?

I look after sync worldwide so am constantly looking for opportunities in every region!

Which artists are you currently looking to place? And why does their music work in this sphere?

Our current roster includes The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Stornoway, The Subways, The Fratelli’s, Reverend & The Makers, The Rifles, The View, Nadine Shah, The Proclaimers, Ron Sexsmith, C Duncan, Lakker and Synkro.

What notable syncs have you recently worked on/helped place?

We have recently placed The Prodigy on trailers for The Transporter : Refueled and the Fantastic Four.

Which types of media are currently offering the most lucrative opportunities?

Advertising and film trailers are always lucrative, but we look for opportunities across all media.

Are there any current trends in sync? What are proving to be the most popular sounds/musical genres?

Covers aren’t new but they certainly aren’t going anywhere … I get asked for swagger a lot, which I’m a fan of - bring on the swagger!

What skills/attributes do artists and publishers need to get into sync and make the most of this area?

As a publisher professionalism and patience – a supervisor may need an answer from you that day, but a sync may not get locked until a lot longer down the line!

Know your catalogue, know your rights and be ready to really listen to a brief - not just push your current priority act – and react fast. As for the artists – make good music!

How does the future of this area look?

Pretty exciting from where I’m sitting!

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