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Get to know London trio Peluche, who flirt with funk, psych, soul and hip-hop for their borderless ‘trip jam’...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 4 Oct 2018
  • min read
London trio Peluche flirt with funk, psych, soul and hip-hop for their borderless ‘trip jam’.

Taking a more-is-more approach, they swallow whole the divergent sounds of their hometown, keeping hold of the bits that speak to them most.

Their freewheeling approach to style and substance throws up an innovative take on the songwriting dynamic, with improvisation at the heart of their DIY music-as-therapy.

Centred around their garden shed studio, they’re playing with the building blocks of dub, post-punk and pop to create a brand new musical realm.

Unsurprisingly, support for the band has rolled in from Noisey, i-D, Q, NME, The Line of Best Fit and The Guardian this year, while BBC (Radio 1 and 6Music), Radio X and Resonance FM have all given them a whirl.

Peluche’s ace debut LP, Unforgettable, landed last week via One Little Indian, proving there’s way more than meets the eye with this gang of self-taught musicians. Here, they give us the inside track on their sound…

What’s the thinking behind your debut LP Unforgettable?

I think we all had a feeling of not fitting into any current scene and took pride in making music that to us felt different and fresh. It felt like a real strength to know that we could make music so naturally just jamming in a room together. Unforgettable is also the name of one of the songs on the album.

When and where did it all come together?

We recorded the album at the beginning of 2017 but just didn’t have the means to release it, until now! We made it at Wilton Way studio, the most beautiful studio we have ever recorded in!

How do you feel about it now it’s out there?

We feel so excited to finally show it to people. And luckily still feel just as proud of the songs as when we first recorded them.

How has the Peluche sound evolved since you first formed?

We have been through various instrumental changes, as Amy and Rhapsody both started with guitars and octave pedals, which sort of turned them into bass guitars - but not nearly as good as a real bass. We had a few impulse buys of pedals and samplers and even a Stylophone at one point.

Our instruments built up the sound and then simplified it. We have settled into our roles a little more now, although we like experimenting with new instruments when we record and switching up what we play.

What or who have been your biggest influences along the way?

The biggest influence has been those highs and lows in life, not to name any in particular. The intent of a song is always something personal to us, as our songs are jam-based it can almost feel like a therapy session, the ones when you write the first thing that comes to you to reveal your deepest feelings!

What are your worst musical habits?

Forgetting our equipment after gigs! We just want to have fun with our mates after a show, and often get a bit tipsy and leave our clutch/pedal board/snare stand/smoke machine!! (which we never found)

How do you like to prepare for live shows?

With a little dance to pump us up and a couple of white wine sodas!

What’s your top tip for making your mark as a band online?

We aren't too into social media, however, when we are together doing fun musical stuff it's easy to take snaps and share them with our online followers. So just share your funny/sweet/interesting pictures and be genuine!

What’s next for you?

We are writing our next album now which feels even more cathartic than the first! Also doing a tour at the end of this year.

What’s the last great record you heard?

Anderson Paak – Malibu.

Peluche play at the Pickle Factory, London, on 14 November.