Kids In Glass Houses

We quiz Welsh rockers Kids in Glass Houses on songwriting, playing live and supporting Bon Jovi…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 2 Dec 2013
  • min read
Kids in Glass Houses are a young guitar band with a huge, devoted following.

After hooking up in 2003, the group battled it out amid the same Welsh scene as Funeral for a Friend and Bullet For My Valentine.

By the time of the release of debut album Smart Casual in 2008 on rock institution Roadrunner Records, they had a Kerrang! Award nomination and numerous tours already under their collective belt.

They've gone on to support the likes of Paramore and Fall Out Boy while acquiring a fiercely loyal and devoted following across the globe. Peace is their latest album and shows off a band at the pinnacle of their songwriting prowess. It's all pop hooks married with a raw rock edge that ensures they stand out from the crowd.

We journeyed up to the Forum in Hertfordshire to quiz the band before their recent show at the venue. We managed to collar guitarists Joel and Iain to ask them about the band, songwriting and supporting Bon Jovi…