In the studio with Luke Solomon (part two)

Part two in our studio tour with electronic music DJ and producer Luke Solomon

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 14 Aug 2013
  • min read
Classic Music Company’s Luke Solomon has been one of dance music’s most passionate and influential movers and shakers. 

Since he introduced London to mid-week clubbing with his legendary Space night alongside the late, great Kenny Hawkes, he’s left his finger prints all over clubbing in this country and beyond.

Alongside Classic compadre Derrick Carter, he's injected the electronic music scene with a sense of fun and eccentricity as best heard in his leftfield productions and heavyweight DJ sets (as recently seen at Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow and the Classic nights at Dalston Superstore).

Recent activity has also seen Luke link up with Defected Records in an A&R capacity and release his latest record in his own name, Timelines. The album features collaborations with the likes of Jon Marsh, Natalie Broomes, Terry Grant as well as a whole heap of remixes from a range of producers including Mark E and Ewan Pearson.

We had the pleasure of paying Luke a visit at his north London home studio to take a tour and find out more about his working habits and idiosyncrasies.

Watch the first part of our video interview with the house honcho.

Below you can view part two of our visit...