Kaylee Golding

In the Know: Kaylee Golding

Find out who’s on award-winning DJ and presenter Kaylee Golding’s radar, which LGBTQ+ friendly space she loves, and what pearls of wisdom she has for up-and-coming music creators.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 10 Feb 2022
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Originally from Birmingham hence the moniker ‘Your favourite Gyal From Brum’ the now east London-based Kaylee Golding is a DJ and an award-winning presenter.

Having won E4’s talent search in 2021, Kaylee hosts shows on No Signal Radio, Reprezent Radio, Magic and KISS, and has interviewed everyone from Sean Paul to Lady Leshurr.

As part vocal member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kaylee launched her podcast On Your Gaydar ‘Your guide to the gay scene’ alongside her best friend Sherelle Smith in 2020, and is known for proudly sharing her own personal experiences of being an out, gay, Black woman in the industry.

Who better to kick off M’s new In the Know series this LGBTQ+ History Month?

‘If they don't give you a seat at the table, pull up your own seat and show them what you've got!’

Hi Kaylee! What does your day-to-day look like?

Because I work in so many different roles in different stations each day looks completely different. But I really wouldn't have it any other way! So, I get up at 5 am and get ready, hop in my car to Magic Radio where I produce the breakfast show with Harriet Scott and Ronan Keating. That show broadcasts 6 am to 10 am. During that, I am writing scripts, taking calls, doing research, basically just guiding the show in simple terms. Then around 12 pm, I finish up at Magic, and then that is my space that I work out. Over the past 12 months, the gym has been super important to my wellbeing, so I work out for an hour a day. Then as we head into the afternoon this is where each day changes. I could be planning and prepping a guest interview, doing a radio show, creating social media content, or recording a DJ mix.

What’s the best bit about your job?

My favourite part of my job is being able to connect with people! I just love human interaction. Radio is such a personal medium, it really is you and your listener connecting through music, and content. Social media is incredible because it gives people direct access to get involved in my life and what's going on. Hence why I do weekly polls for them to interact with! DJing is all about connection as well. Honestly, you can make someone's whole night by just playing the right songs and uplifting them. I just love making people feel good across all the work I do!

How would you describe your music taste?

I just love Black music. And Black music in all forms. Whether that's R&B, hip-hop, Afrobeats, dancehall, UK rap, drill. People throw 'urban' music together like it's one genre and it's really not. There are sooo many genres.

Which LGBTQ+ artists are on your radar at the moment?

I love someone called Carter the Bandit. He's an LGBTQ+ rapper from London and he has been GRAFTING to get his name out there! He's open about his sexuality in his music which is so important to break down barriers. And it's so nice to see him performing at different Pride and LGBTQ+ events around the country. I really want the whole scene to get behind him because honestly, he works SO HARD! Over the past few years, I've just seen him grow and grow. I'm excited to see where he takes it next!

What’s your favorite LGBTQ-friendly music venue?

My favorite LGBTQ+ friendly music venue is Nightingales club in Birmingham. That really is the club that helped me discover who I was. As soon as I entered that club I was like yes I am home. Something that I love about the venue as well is that they also have a room that plays Black music. And this is super important because quite a lot of clubs just cater to white males. And the LGBTQ+ community is so much larger than that! I can be gay and still want to enjoy Black music that I grew up listening to! Nightingales booked me to DJ very early on in my career as well, so I will always have love for them. Shout out to their resident DJ Just Soriah who kills it every time. Also, now run an LGBTQ+ event called On Your Gaydar Brunch. This event is a different format for LGBTQ+ POC to enjoy. I feel like our community is often thrown into just clubs when we enjoy other events like music brunches, so I wanted to provide a safe place for that.

What does the future of UK music look like to you?

 The future of music looks like an infusion of sounds and genres. It is very exciting how many genres are becoming infused together and seeing artists experiment… that is how new genres come about! For example, Becky Hill has jumped on a grime beat. Another song I love at the moment is Deniro5ive x Taifunds - Back Some More. This is UK rap infused with Baile funk, and it sounds sick! I'm just obsessed with all the new sounds coming out of the UK right now. 

If you had to give an emerging music creator a piece of advice on getting noticed, what would it be?

I would say to be consistent and really scream out about your work. I know people get shy about always posting themselves, but social media really is free marketing! One thing I always say is you could be working hard but if no one knows then what's the point. You have to market yourself and push your work out there! If you are consistently showing that you work hard you can't be ignored. You know what they say, ‘If they don't give you a seat at the table, pull up your own seat and show them what you've got!’

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