UK urban breaks USA – part 7

Mark Beaumont tracks the course of the latest British invasion across the pond.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 24 Nov 2010
  • min read
‘For a while now the US has been looking to the UK in terms of new sounds,’ Fraser adds, ‘And there was a respect sonically for what was going on. But when you have a hit, that gives people peace of mind that certain things can work from the UK.’

So who might be next in line to break big in the US? ‘Plan B has blown up over here this year,’ says Saul. ‘His album’s sold over a million already in Europe and UK and Australia. He’s going to go to America soon and I reckon he’ll be really well received, just for being Plan B and not doing the American thing as [Cruz and Sean] might possibly be doing.’

‘Going to the States and hearing La Roux is an incredible thing,’ says Fraser. ‘You’re hearing that on the radio all day long. So hopefully this will just be the beginning and a new wave of producers like Labrinth and artists like La Roux can push things even further.’

Will the new UK invasion end up sounding British too? Will grime patois become the new language of the Milwaukee schoolyards? ‘Grime right now is unbelievably British and Fiddy’s a fan of it,’ Saul argues. ‘People are watching, they’re aware of people like Toddla T who are very different from people out there. So watch this space.’

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