laura mvula

PRS appoints Laura Mvula to its Members' Council

The award-winning singer-songwriter will join the council with immediate effect, bringing with her over a decade of invaluable expertise.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 1 Aug 2022
  • min read

PRS for Music has announced that award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Mvula has been appointed to the PRS Members’ Council. 

Bringing with her invaluable expertise as a songwriter and touring performing artist, Laura will step into her role on the council with immediate effect. Her illustrious career has spanned genres and forms, from leading acapella, jazz, neo-soul and gospel choirs to composing the music for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Antony & Cleopatra. Laura’s critically acclaimed albums have received numerous accolades, including two MOBO awards and two Ivor Novello Awards. Her work has also been shortlisted for the Mercury Prize three times. 

A graduate of the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Laura is also the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Birmingham City University for her services to music.

The role of the PRS Members’ Council is to focus on ensuring that the views, concerns and needs of PRS members are heard and met. It also focuses on strategic oversight and reviewing company performance.

Laura Mvula says: ‘Writing has always been part of my everyday life. Teaching, conducting, arranging, performing – each has taught me something about what it means to be a musician and songwriter. As a PRS Writer Council Member, it’s my desire to ensure music creators are given the support they need to navigate the ever-changing landscape. I believe songwriters and composers should benefit from the structures and processes of which they are the foundation. I believe that representation truly matters. It can turn the tide in conversations and decision-making. As a writer, composer and recording artist but also, a black British woman with over 10 years in the industry, there are countless experiences to which I can uniquely speak, and I look forward to bringing that to the table.’

Laura’s appointment follows songwriter and composer Hannah Peel’s decision to stand down from the Members’ Council, after she was elected at the May 2022 Annual General Meeting. Hannah’s departure created a casual vacancy. The process to fill casual vacancies is at the discretion of the Member’ Council, and the decision was made to invite all candidates who stood for election at the 2022 AGM to be considered for the role. Of those that chose to stand and based on the collegiate voting system, Writer Council Members voted in a blind ballot, and the result was then ratified by the entire Members’ Council. 

Casual vacancies to the Members’ Council are appointed until the next AGM, when the role becomes vacant and is subject to a vote at the AGM. 

Andrea Czapary Martin, CEO, PRS for Music, says: ‘The PRS Members' Council gives a fundamental voice to our member community and is an active and vital part of our governance. We strive to ensure that the council is representative across our varied membership, and I’m thrilled to welcome Laura Mvula as she joins the council.’

Nigel Elderton, Chair, PRS Members' Council, says: ‘I extend a very warm welcome to Laura Mvula as she joins the PRS Member Council. To have the benefit of her vast experience as a songwriter, composer and performer and as a woman navigating the music industry, I have no doubt that Laura will make a significant contribution to our deliberations.’