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Music community continues to pull together to support creators

Industry leaders, PROs, charities, and now major labels, are all doing what they can to support those at the heart of the music business.

Maya Radcliffe
  • By Maya Radcliffe
  • 17 Apr 2020
  • min read

Little under a month ago, a survey taken by the Musician’s Union revealed that musicians across the UK had lost an estimated £13.9 million in earnings due to the coronavirus outbreak. In the weeks that have followed, the music industry has banded together like never before to support music creators.

The BPI has today announced that a total donation of £1.5 million will be made by UK record companies Sony Music Entertainment UK, Warner Music UK and Universal Music UK, as well as independent labels such as  Cherry Red and Demon Music Group, The BRIT Awards, Amazon Music and PPL to Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund.

The majority of the donation (£1.25 million) will go directly to Help Musicians, enabling the organisation to reach a further 2,500 musicians in need of immediate financial help. In addition to this, £250,000 has also been set aside to support musicians through other channels, including other musicians’ wellbeing charities and support to the grassroots live sector.

This donation, like many others to date, is a vital step towards keeping the industry alive in the face on uncertainty.

In case you’re starting to lose track of where and how you can access the support you require, we’ve rounded it up below.

PRS for Music launched their Emergency Relief Fund in partnership with PRS Members’ Fund and PRS Foundation to support members struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

Incorporated Society of Musicians created 24 hour support helpline and offers face-to-face counselling.

The Musicians’ Union has created Coronavirus Hardship Fund for its members.

The Music Managers Forum is gathering evidence of the impact COVID-19 has on music creators and their representatives. They’re also frequently updating their general coronavirus advice pageHead over to their website to fill in the form.

Music Support have a helpline for anyone in the music industry suffering from alcoholism, addiction, emotional or mental health issues.

If you are a recipient or applicant of a grant from PRS Foundation, head over to the PRS Foundation website to find up-to-date information on how its funding is being affected.

PRS Members' Fund provides support and advice to PRS members and their families who are struggling financially, physically or emotionally and are in need of help.

The Royal Society of Musicians – if you are a member of The Royal Society for Musicians, they’re accepting applications for financial assistance.

Spotify has created the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project to amplify the efforts of organisations (such as PRS Foundation and Help Musicians UK).

UK Music signed a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, asking him to implement urgent measures to help the industry fight the impact of coronavirus. You can also read UK Music’s general advice on the situation.

We’ll continue to add to this list as more resources become available. You can also follow #MusicBusinessAdvice on Twitter to find the latest industry updates.