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MCPS announces 10 percent reduction in commission fees

The reduction applies to all MCPS publisher, direct composer and songwriter members, and is effective from Monday 1 August.

Liam Konemann
  • By Liam Konemann
  • 1 Aug 2022
  • min read

Starting from Monday 1 August, MCPS the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society, which is part of the MPA Group will reduce commission rates for all its publisher, direct composer and songwriter members by ten percent. 

Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) and Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) around the world typically operate based on either administrative rates, which are reviewed and set annually, or on a fixed commission structure basis. MCPS has always operated on a fixed commission basis.

Having carefully considered business performance, including year on year growth in member distributions over the past three years and MCPS’ forecast commission earnings over the next few years, the MCPS Board have approved a reduction in its commission rate structure. This means that if members were charged a 10 percent commission on their digital distributions – such as subscription video on demand services like Netflix – in prior periods, they will be charged nine percent from 1 August 2022. 

MCPS plan to continue to assess its commission rates going forward, with the prospect of further reductions in future. as it strives to prioritise increased returns to its members at competitive commission rates.

MPA Group & MCPS CEO, Paul Clements, says: ‘We believe in constantly driving up distributions, standards, efficiencies and leaving nothing on the table due to songwriters, composers and publishers. We encourage all CMOs and PROs worldwide to adopt this same attitude.’