Ultraphonic Logo

Ultraphonic Music: The real sonic alternative, drawn from the electronic underworld, shaped and presented by genuine electronic music originators; providing a unique source of music within a highly focused bandwidth; the creativity and quality of today’s leading boutique record labels, in production ready format; setting trends rather than following them.

Smashtrax Music: Making great music with no compromises. Smashtrax provide music that meets only the highest standards of artistry, performance, and production. Written and played by industry artists, composers, songwriters, and musicians who understand and know their craft. Featuring original music, cues, songs, scores, themes, buttons, tags, vocal and instrumental pieces. Film music, television music, promotional music, commercial music, trailer music, video game music, internet music and more, in almost every mood and every possible style. Packed with live performances, real musicians, real orchestras, real bands, and real artists.