The real sonic alternative, shaped and presented by genuine electronic music originators; providing a unique source of music within a highly focused bandwidth; the creativity and quality of today’s leading boutique record labels, in production ready format; setting trends rather than following them.

Founded by Tom McCarthy, Ed Ashcroft and Paul Vials.

Creative director Tom McCarthy sets the Ultraphonic sonic yardstick. An electronic music creator, he has collaborated with a wide band of artists from Sly & Robbie to The Orb. His sound design and sonic mutilations have shaped ads and promotions for many including Levi’s, Volkswagen, Malibu, Orange, Pepsi, BBC, MTV and the award winning Blackcurrant Tango. Tom has brought his leftfield creative edge to visual media music for many years, both as a writer and in creatively leading the Mercuryhead collective of composers, between them producing and writing over 40 albums for Music House EMI, Sonoton and PrimeTime BMG.

Paul Vials and Ed Ashcroft co-own District 6 Music Publishing a rapidly growing independent commercial publisher set up 5 years ago. Paul and Ed have built a discerning catalogue of over 10,000 compositions and signed leading writers, producers and artists across a diverse range of genres including Just Blaze, Roy Harper, John Foxx and Harold Budd, Mychael Danna, Devotkcha, and Adrian Belew of King Crimson.

Ultra : (ul′trə) adj. going beyond the usual limit

Phonic : (fŏn’ĭk) adj. Of, relating to, or having the nature of sound

Ultraphonic : (ul′trə fŏn’ĭk) adj. Created from sound