Adverts, Branded Content and Corporate

Adverts and Idents

Type of production:

  • Adverts designed specifically to promote goods or services to the general public
  • Any productions which have paid media spend

Is your content branded, made for online usage and not covered by the above? See our guide to online content

Music use:

  • As per tariff descriptions

Campaign rates allow you to:

  • Clear a single track across unlimited adverts, of a related or developing theme for a single product within a 12 month term.
  • Adverts broadcast within the 12 month term are cleared for the lifetime of the production.

Not sure whether your promotional content is an advert? Please see our new Branded Content section below to see if this matches your production criteria.

Rate card notes

  • ‘Per track’ rates allows unlimited cut-downs and tag ending changes.
  • Tag ending changes. This means minor changes to the message at the end of an advertisement e.g. change from 'sale starts Monday' to 'sale starts tomorrow'.
  • Cut-down. This means a shortened version of an advert where no new content is added.
  • Per 30s rates clear use for 30 seconds of music, or part thereof.
  • Full Network Radio Advertising rates include online exploitation through digital/internet radio services. 
  • Speech translations do not require additional licensing.

Branded Content

Type of production:

  • Brand endorsement productions 
  • Productions documenting sponsored initiatives
  • Recruitment videos
  • Product demo videos

If the main focus of your production is to promote the sale of goods or services and has paid media spend, please refer to our Advertising rates.

Music use:

  • Public locations (excluding cinema broadcast)
  • Online including social media platforms e.g. Snapchat

Corporate content

Type of production:

  • Internal communications - staff training or information videos
  • B2B Showreels
  • Exhibition films (e.g. museums and art installations)
  • Audio guides

Any branded content productions aimed at the general public are not covered by Corporate rates.

Music use:

  • Staff conferences and in-house use
  • Intranet, client and agency site, social media
  • Private and direct communication (audio guides, music on hold, B2B physical copies)
  • Exhibitions (e.g. museums, art installations and trade shows)

Corporate Blanket licence

Our Corporate Blanket licence is now £3,000 and covers unlimited productions over 12 months. Alternatively you can choose to Pay £350 a month to use as much music as you need, within unlimited corporate productions, broadcast during that month.  (A minimum commitment of 3 months applies).  Call +44 (0) 20 3741 3888 for details on how to apply.

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