What track do I use?

Interested in using a commercially used track?

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This might be music you’ve heard on the radio, streaming services or on a CD or vinyl release. We can help connect you to the right contacts to explore the possibilities. Where we represent the composer or publisher for this area, our team of experts are here to facilitate the process.

When might permission for use be required?

  • Audio-visual productions
  • User Generated Content - music you’re sharing with other people as part of a project
  • Online audio-video streaming
  • Business use of music
  • Corporate videos
  • Films / documentaries / programmes
  • Adverts
  • Computer games
  • Podcasts / audio books

Who owns the rights?

  • Writers/composers/arrangers/publishers - representing the composition/publishing rights (the words and melody that make up the song).
  • Recording artists/musicians/producers/record companies – representing the recording/master rights (the specific recording of the song you’d like to use).

A composition may have more than one writer or publisher involved that you would need to gain approval from. The same composition may have been recorded by various artists and you would need to approach the owners of the specific recording you’d like to use.

How does it work?

  • Ascertain who the rights owners are – we can help*
  • Outline the project information and music usage details
  • Request permission (approval/clearance), discuss fee and terms
  • If the use is approved (clearance granted), contract and make payment

Each usage enquiry is considered on a case-by-case basis. Fees vary dependent on the use and the popularity of the track. Bear in mind the size of your project and its budget when considering the track, you’d like to use. Allow plenty of time to research and approach the rights holders and consider more than one option in case the track you’d like is not available for use.

Interested in using a production music track?

Get a production music licence

Another great route to consider is using one of our production music works. These are purpose made, high-quality tracks that are pre-cleared and can be licensed same day as application. We represent over a million production music tracks across all genres so you can easily find something great to boost your project.

The production music companies we represent have a wide selection of tracks from all genres. Each company has their own music platform where you can often search by keyword, mood, pace and style to find the perfect track to suit your needs. Once you’ve chosen your music you can licence quickly and simply via our online system at fixed rates.

Some of the benefits of production music are:

  • One stop shop - all the rights you need cleared in a click
  • Ultimate choice - over 1 million high quality tracks
  • Cost effective set price structures
  • Fast and efficient online application process
  • From localised to worldwide territories
  • Specific or all media options
  • Licences that last for the lifetime of the product

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