Track clearing service

If you need to use a specific musical work in a production or product, you can use our track clearing service, so that you can obtain the correct licence with the necessary permissions.

To apply for permission to use a work e-mail or phone 020 3151 5565.

MCPS hold the mandate to license specific musical works for use in productions and products on behalf of many of our Music Publisher, Songwriter, and Composer members.

Where we don’t hold the mandate, we will put you in touch with the relevant people who can license it to you direct.

You can apply to license a specific musical work in:

  • Premiums / promotional products
  • Multimedia products
  • TV/radio ads
  • Novelty products
  • Online

E-mail or phone 020 3151 5565 and tell us about the track that you would like to use, and how you wish to use it.

Other rights

MCPS offers licenses for the use of Musical Works, on behalf of music publishers - you must also get permission to use the Sound Recording from the company that owns it - usually a record company. MCPS will provide answers to any questions you may have and help put you in touch with the correct record company.

Prior approval process

You need to inform MCPS which track you wish to use.

If the track is controlled by a member that has not granted a mandate to MCPS, they will inform you which member you need to get permission from and give you the contact details for that member.

If the track is owned by a member that has granted a mandate to MCPS, they will contact the member with details of your request.

The member will either approve or reject the use of their music in your production and MCPS will inform you of their decision.
If the request has been successful, MCPS will confirm the licence fee.

After you have confirmed you still intend to use the work, MCPS will raise an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid MCPS will issue you with a licence to use the work under the terms approved.

Rates and costs

All rates are negotiated on a case by case basis.

E-mail or phone 020 3151 5565 and tell MCPS about the track that you would like to use, and how you wish to use it.

MCPS Production/Library Music

Production Music (also known as library music) is high quality and cost-effective music specifically written for synchronisation or dubbing into audio and audio-visual productions. 

MCPS production music is versatile, affordable and represents quality. Our production music is written by professional songwriters and composers – including some of the big names.

Clearing the music rights you need is a straightforward online process. There are no copyright owner permissions to obtain.

Quick access to the music you need, when you need it.

  • Over 860,000 top-quality tracks and sound effects
  • Pre-cleared for any type of usage
  • Ongoing worldwide rights

Visit Production Music

Special rates for corporate productions and educational productions

View details and apply for production music licence

£300 (+VAT) per production: A new tariff for music used in corporate, promo videos or audio-visual productions

  • All media, including online
  • All territories
  • Unlimited copies

Basic rate: £50 per 30 second unit

All-you-can-use flat rate: £300 (+VAT) per production

Some educational uses are exempt from the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (Pt 1 Chapter 3)