Karaoke products

The KAR licence

The KAR licence allows you to manufacture and distribute karaoke discs and other formats, (DVD, CDG etc.) Mechanical and Synchronisation rights licensed. This licence also covers the reproduction of lyrics for display on screen at the same time as the karaoke soundtrack is being played.

KAR costs

  • 12% of Published Dealer Price (PDP) (min. £3.00 PDP per disc) x units shipped
  • 10% of Published Retail Price (RP) (min. £3.60 RP per disc) x units shipped

Predominant works

For products where a single member of MCPS controls the Musical Works contained therein (either in whole or in part) that in aggregate account for 50% or more of the works on the product, the copyright holder may have elected to license their Musical Works to you directly.

Prior approval

All products containing two or more tracks by the same recording artist or writer/song writing partnership will be subject to the prior approval of the MCPS member copyright owners concerned.

Approval is also required for any visual depiction or naming of any artists that may be associated with a Musical Work.

In all cases you should still supply a completed Notification of Intended Release (or ‘cue sheet’) to MCPS.

Apply for a KAR licence

Potential customers must pass a credit check and take on reporting duties to qualify for KAR and pay royalties in arrears.

  1. Prior to release: Apply for a KAR credit check with product details (at least 28 days prior to intended release)
  2. We notify you if your product needs to be approved and/or licensed by the copyright holder
  3. Following release: send a 'Statement of Shipments' (SoS) to MCPS (30 days after the end of each calendar quarter)
  4. We send an invoice (within 8 days of receipt of the SoS)
  5. Customer pays invoices (within 7 days of the issue date)

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