Change in charging policy for Tariff HR

With effect from 1 July 2021, we will be changing the way we calculate royalties for music used in hotel bedrooms. The change means that if you include devices such as DVD players, CD players, MP3 docking stations etc within your hotel bedrooms you will only be charged for the device if you also supply the sound recordings and/or DVDs to play on the device. These can either be in the bedrooms or requested by your guests.

Charges applied to television and/or radio are unaffected by this change.

We hope for most people this will be a welcome change and result in a reduction for this type of music use. This also brings Tariff HR in line with PPL’s equivalent tariff ‘Supply of Recorded Music to Hotel Bedrooms’ and now makes it easier for you to forecast and budget for your Music Licence.

The new charging policy will be implemented as part of the annual review conducted by PPL PRS Ltd who will be in-touch when your review is due.

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If you have further questions, please contact PPL PRS Ltd on 0800 0720 808 or email

To align our approach with that of PPL, who already operate a similar charging policy in relation to the use of their sound recording repertoire. By aligning our policy with PPL’s, we hope you will benefit from a more streamlined and straightforward licensing and licence review process.

The new charging policy is for the future use of PRS for Music repertoire starting from 1st July 2021. No refunds will be applied for PRS for Music repertoire used prior to this policy change.

We have been charging in line with Tariff HR (para 4.5.) that was set by the Copyright Tribunal. We are making this change to benefit our customers by providing a more streamlined and straightforward licensing process.

This change does not affect charges for TV/radio. For the purpose of calculating the royalty due from you we will charge you as if your guest bedrooms had been fitted solely with TVs and/or radios  if you do not supply the sound recordings and/or DVDs.

We treat docking stations in the same way as any other device that is or can be used to perform music.  We will disregard the docking station for the purposes of calculating royalties if you only supply docking stations but do not also provide a smartphones/iPad or similar devices pre-loaded with sound recordings or DVD films for the use of hotel guests.

Tariff HR is available in the PPL PRS Ltd website here.

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