When to join

Should you join PRS?

Our one-off membership fee is £100 for writers and composers. So it makes sense to join when you expect the annual use of your music to generate more than this.

Here are a few examples to help you work out the value of joining.

To earn over £100, your music would need to have:

  • one play on a BBC 1 primetime show
  • six plays on Sky 1
  • two plays on ITV
  • three plays on Channel 4
  • five plays on BBC Radio 1
  • 150 plays on an independent local radio station
  • 200 plays on an MTV Music Channel

For live performance, your music will need to be performed at:

  • twelve small-scale venues that are registered in our Gigs and Clubs scheme, such as a local pub
  • two or three larger venues, such as Barrowlands in Glasgow or The Deaf Institute in Manchester

Should you join MCPS?

You can join the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) to earn royalties for the reproduction of your work. For example, when it's produced on CD or as a download.

If you don't have a publisher, you might also want to consider this. You can find out more about publishing from the Music Publishers Association. 

It is possible to be both a member of PRS and MCPS.

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