Our one-off joining fee

PRS for Music is home to the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS). You can join either society or both. Each membership begins with a one-off administration fee of £100 (inc. VAT) to cover set-up costs.

By joining PRS you assign your rights to us, if you join MCPS you appoint us as the agent for your rights; both allow us to be the sole collector of your royalties. We pass these royalties on to you through payments into your bank account at specific times throughout the year. 

You can join PRS if you are a creator of music, such as a lyrics writer or composer. Once you're a member, we can collect the royalties due to you when your music is performed live, broadcast on TV or radio, played in public, streamed online or used in film.

You can join MCPS if you want to earn royalties for the reproduction of your music. This includes when it is downloaded, produced on CD, vinyl and DVD, used in video games, or in any way copied for storage and distribution

Collecting royalties on your behalf

We’re constantly striving to be more cost-efficient when collecting and reporting your royalties. However, there is a cost to this service, which we cover with our admin rates.

These admin rates vary, depending on the type of royalty we’re collecting. However, at 10 percent, our basic rate is still the lowest across collecting societies in Europe.

This covers the regular costs of maintaining databases, administering your royalties, improving technology, negotiating better terms, managing all types of licence and protecting the value of music.

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