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The information you will be asked to supply during the course of completing this form is NOT transmitted electronically to PRS for Music or any other parties.  Instead, upon completion of the form you will be invited to print the resultant documents, which you may then send to us via fax or mail.

Personal data

Please read our Privacy policy which sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed.  This Privacy policy forms part of these terms and conditions.

Trading name

PRS for Music is the trading name of Performing Right Society Limited ("PRS"), Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited ("MCPS") and PRS for Music Limited.

MCPS Publisher Membership

The submission of the MCPS Publisher Licensing and Collection Mandate together with a fully completed and signed MCPS Publisher Membership Application Form constitutes an offer by you to enter into a legally binding agreement with MCPS, who you appoint as your agent throughout the world, for all mechanical rights which you own or control as described in your completed Licensing and Collection Mandate.  If, however, you are a direct member of an overseas society, membership of that society takes precedence in their territory of representation.  All the terms and conditions are referred to in the MCPS Membership Agreement (MA2), the three annexes (Rental and Lending, Multimedia, Online Exploitation) and the Member Handbook, which should all be fully considered by you before returning your application.

MCPS membership commences when you receive notification from us that your application has been accepted.  If you are in doubt as to the effect of the MCPS Membership Agreement (MA2) on your ability to deal with the copyright in your works, you may wish to take independent legal advice.

PRS Publisher Membership

The PRS Publisher Member Agreement, which when signed by you will only take effect if your application for membership is successful, transfers ownership to the Society any interest you have, or may subsequently acquire during your membership, in the performing right in the works in your catalogue.

The transfer or assignment of the rights contained in the Agreement will normally be for the territory of the world but you may be entitled to exclude certain countries from the scope of the Society's administration of your rights.  The Society's Articles of Association also permit applicants to exclude one or more of the rights comprised within the performing right from the scope of the transfer.  If you wish to exclude any country and/or any part(s) of the performing right from your assignment to the Society, please do not sign the Agreement, but contact us by phone or e-mail as detailed below.

If you are in doubt as to the effect of the PRS Publisher Member Agreement on your ability to deal with the copyright in your works, you may wish to take independent legal advice.

PRS is under no obligation to make royalty distributions in respect of performances of your works which take place prior to the date from which your admission to membership becomes effective.  This will usually be the 1st January or 1st July immediately preceding the date when your completed Application is received at our offices.  

PRS for Music reserves the right to disclose certain information concerning any of your registered works to authorised members using our Online Services Enquiry System and any associated e-mail or telephone enquiry system(s).

Except where expressly stated otherwise or provided by law, any notice or other written communication given under or in connection with this Agreement shall be sent by email to the email address provided by you on your admission form 12.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding the content or completion of this form, or you require a copy of PRS articles of association please contact the Member Admissions team on 020 3741 4805 or e-mail us at

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