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Our membership terms

We’ve made it easier than ever to join us with our new online application. However, we need to highlight some important points as we’ll be legally representing your rights when collecting royalties.

Your agreement

The Membership Agreement, which you need to sign, will only take effect if your application for membership is successful. Your performing and film synchronisation rights will then be assigned or transferred (if you’re moving from another rights manager) to us. We advise you take legal advice before signing if you are in any doubt as to the effect of the agreement on your music rights.

Which rights and for where

The legal transfer or assignment of your music rights will normally be for the world, but you may be able to exclude certain countries from the scope of the agreement.

You may also exclude parts of the performing and film synchronisation rights from the agreement. You can view these later on in the application process.

We will adapt your online form to reflect this if you are intending to exclude any country or right from the transfer or assignment.

Your works and your privacy

We reserve the right to disclose database details of your registered compositions (specifically: title, tunecode, interested parties) to authorised members through our online, email or phone services. Please read our Privacy policy to see how we might share or process your personal works data.

How we’ll contact you

We will communicate any important notices through the email address you supply in your application (except where law requires us to communicate otherwise).

Trading names

PRS for Music is the trading name of Performing Right Society Limited (PRS), Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS) and PRS for Music Limited.

switching account

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