What is the difference between PRS and MCPS?

PRS for Music is made up of both PRS and MCPS. Both exist to ensure writers and publishers are paid fairly for their work, but they devote their time to different parts of the industry.  

MCPS collects and distributes mechanical royalties on behalf of their members. This includes works that are:

  • commercially released by a record company on a CD, DVD or LP
  • recorded and used by a radio or TV programme
  • recorded and used for an audiovisual or multimedia production
  • used online

PRS, on the other hand, collects and pays out performing royalties when works are:

  • performed live
  • broadcast on TV or radio
  • played in public
  • streamed online
  • used in film

PRS distributes these royalties four times a year, whereas MCPS makes distributions every month.

More on the royalties collected by PRS and MCPS

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