Podcasts and Audiobooks scheme consultation

Notice to licensing customers and members regarding the consultation of a proposed new scheme to license music use within Podcasts and Audiobooks.

We are undertaking a consultation on the introduction of a new licensing scheme, designed specifically to cover platform operators and Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) such as Spotify and Audible. We are introducing this new scheme to license the market more effectively for the use of PRS and MCPS repertoire particularly in podcasts and audiobooks.

Your responses will help us shape the new scheme.

We want to hear your views on:

  1. Introducing a dedicated scheme to license music used in podcasts and audiobooks 
  2. Our proposed approach to license Digital Service Providers and Platforms (such as Spotify and Audible) for the music used in podcasts and audiobooks on their platform, available to a UK audience    
  3. The metrics used to calculate the licence fee 

The consultation has been extended to 19 July 2023. We will review all responses received.

During this time, we encourage you to have your say.

Please note that there are different questions depending on whether you are a member or a licensing customer.

Licensing customers respond now

Members respond now

Additionally, we are hosting a round-table discussion to gather your views on the use of music in audio-visual products currently not covered in the scheme

If you would like to take part in this, please register your interest.

Frequently asked questions

A consultation is where we invite stakeholders within a sector for feedback on a proposed licence or potential changes made to an existing scheme or tariff.

The consultation is undertaken in accordance with our Code of Conduct. This outlines our commitment to undertake fair, reasonable, and proportionate consultations when proposing to introduce a new licensing scheme or to make significant changes to an existing tariff. Our aim is to set reasonable terms and to apply and administer all licensing schemes fairly and consistently. The Copyright Tribunal has jurisdiction over all existing and proposed licensing schemes operated by us.  

We are running a consultation on our proposal for a new music licensing scheme dedicated to podcasts and audiobooks.  There has been much change within this sector, and we believe that we do not currently have sufficient published licensing options for this market. Therefore, we are asking for your opinion on our new scheme to ensure that it is fit for the market.

There are three ways to respond. However online responses are preferred.

  1. Online via the response form. There are different questions for members and customers. Please see above.
  2. Email to: Please title your response ‘Podcasts & Audiobooks Consultation’
  3. Written responses can be posted to:

    Scheme Consultation Responses
    PRS for Music
    1st Floor
    Goldings House
    SE1 2HB
The closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 21 June. We will consider all comments received by the closing date. If you would like us to keep your response confidential, or if you wish to provide confidential data in support of your response, please let us know by stating this on the response form.
PRS for Music has a long history of undertaking consultations on key issues that impact on it’s members. Making sure to develop proposals that promote simplicity and transparency for both our customers and members. All our consultations are undertaken in line with our Code of Conduct.
Any digital services provider (DSP) or platform making available podcasts and/or audiobooks on their service and any creators making podcasts and/or audiobooks and making those available on their website.
The licence covers the communication to the public of musical works and production music works and production music sound recordings within podcasts and audiobooks on websites and digital services providers.  The licence also allows for the mechanical storage of podcasts and audiobooks on servers and users personal storage devices.  Our consultation document outlines the details in full.
The only current published licensing option for podcasts fall within our Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) scheme and via the MCPS Production Music rate card.

Next Steps

Following the closing date of the consultation. We will review all the responses and publish a summary on our website. We will seek to hold discussions with customers and representative bodies, as required, and announce a new tariff based on the consultation feedback and subsequent discussions.

Contact us:

If you have any queries regarding the consultation or the proposed tariff, please contact us on with the subject header: ‘Podcasts & Audiobooks Consultation’

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