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Already familiar with music for businesses? 

If you've already bought a licence to use music in your business, you can find all of the relevant numbers and documents here. Instead of having to go through all of the usual information you can access quicklinks to the information you need.

Licence Essential information
Aircraft Application | Tariff AC
Amusement parks, saloons and arcades, travelling showmen ApplicationTariff APS
Agricultural and county shows Application | Tariff AS
Bands (Service Bands and other) Application | Tariff B
Bingo Application | Tariff BO
Bowling concourses ApplicationTariff BC
Business to business music  Application | FAQs | T&Cs 
Cinemas   Application | Tariff C
Community Buildings Application | Tariff CB
Circuses Application | Tariff K
Classical music concerts & recitals Application | Tariff LC
Clubs  Application | Tariff J | Tariff JMCTariff DTariff AMS
Concert venues Application
Dance parties Application | Tariff DP | Future Tariff DP (June 2017)
Dance tuition schools Application | Tariff DS
Education and further education establishments Application | Tariff EE | Tariff FE
Exhibitions Application | Tariff X


General purpose Application | Tariff GP

Gym clubs and fitness centres

Application | Tariff GP | Tariff J

Hair and beauty ApplicationTariff HDB
Health Application | Tariff SP
Holiday caravan parks ApplicationTariff HCP
Holiday centres ApplicationTariff HC
Hotels and guesthouses  Application | Tariff HR
Local authorities Application
Mobile businesses and limited uses Application | Tariff ML
Motor vehicles

Application | Tariff MV | Future Tariff MV (June 2017)

Music on hold ApplicationTariff MH
Nurseries Application | Tariff N
Offices and factories Application | Tariff I
Open-air spaces, parks and pools Application | Tariff O
Other  Application 
Passenger vessels  ApplicationTariff PV
Popular music concerts Application | Tariff LP
Premium telephone lines Application
Pubs and bars  ApplicationTariff P
Restaurants and cafes Application | Tariff HR
Shops and stores Application | Tariff RS
Skating rinks (ice or roller) ApplicationTariff SR
Sports events Application | Tariff SE
Theatres Application | Tariff T
Trains Application | Tariff TR
University Application | Tariff UC
Variety shows Application | Tariff V
Youth clubs, centres and hostels ApplicationTariff YCH

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There are different contact numbers for different types of customer. Call 0345 309 3090 to contact the Customer Service Centre for advice.

For businesses and other organisations

Tel: 0800 068 4828
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Fax: 01733 312 912

For Live Music venues

Tel: 0345 300 6033
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Fax: 020 7306 4550

For Local Authorities and Universities:

Tel: 0870 333 7003

For Corporate Customers:

Tel: 0870 901 0101
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Fax: 020 7598 3640

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