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MCPS distribution principles 

Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society This section explains what, how and when MCPS makes its royalty payments to members.

How are MCPS payments made?

The preferred standard method of payment of royalties due to a member is by BACS to a United Kingdom bank account or building society account. Transcontinental Automated Payment Service (TAPS) is available for payment into bank accounts outside the UK. This is the fastest and most effective way of transferring funds. All other methods cause delay and add an administrative burden..

When does MCPS make its royalty payments?

Every month MCPS makes payments to its members resulting from the licensing of their musical works. For more information about what is paid when, please see the Commission Rates and Distribution Details Table.

Minimum Payments

In order to receive a royalty payment the balance in the member's account must have reached the minimum level:

Type of member Minimum balance level
UK and Irish resident member £30
Other member £60

We pay two distributions a month, one at the beginning and one towards the end. The minimum royalty payment value applies separately to each of these. If the amount payable is less than the minimum amount, royalties will be held until the next royalty payment date where total royalties accrued exceed the minimum.

What is the difference between the two distributions?

As a rough guide:

The first distribution contains income from licensing streams such as Overseas, Video Licensing (retail & corporate), and most Broadcasting.

The second distribution, also known as the ‘B’ distribution, contains income from UK record companies and some Broadcasting (e.g. BBC & ITV Programme Sales).

Royalty payment statements

Members receiving payment in any given distribution will receive a detailed royalty payment statement, indicating the source and amounts.

Download a guide to understanding your statement.

Where does MCPS's money come from?

The money that MCPS distributes to its members and affiliated societies (often known as "royalties") comes from the licensing of works in the MCPS repertoire for use in audio and audio-visual media. This includes such diverse things as commercially available records and CDs, music DVDs, feature films, TV commercials, videos, musical novelty toys and greetings cards, among many others.

The list is substantial, and each type of music usage is subject to a different type of licensing scheme. Licensing fees and commission rates vary from one scheme to another, depending on the nature of the exploitation, and the cost of administering each scheme - some types of usage information are significantly more expensive to obtain and analyse than others.


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