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MCPS Distribution Policy 

The MCPS distribution policy outlines all the methods we use for making mechanical right distributions to members. Please note, it does not cover PRS distributions.

Our MCPS distribution policy aims to ensure that all royalty distributions are fair, accurate and cost effective. We also believe it is important that all aspects of the policy are transparent and easily understood by our members.

Below, you will find links to the main sections. They outline distribution cycles and concepts for all the major mechanical right royalty streams, and detail how our principles of fairness and accuracy are applied in each case.

The MCPS board meets every two months to consider and review various aspects of MCPS policy.


Find details of the policy scope, including information on how it was created and the ways it is reviewed and updated.

Distribution cycles and concepts policy

This section outlines our underlying policy principles.

Broadcast policy

Here you will find our distribution policy in relation to TV and radio broadcasts.

Recorded media policy

This section covers distribution policies related to the creation of physical recorded media products such as CDs and DVDs.

Online licensing policy

Look here for details related to the distribution of revenues generated from online channels including downloads, on-demand streaming services, webcasting, online karaoke services and cloud locker services.


This section includes details of overseas income distributions, the appendix and a link to the production music rate card.

Full document

Here you can find a copy of the entire document including all the sections quoted above.

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