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Our Consultation Process for Recorded Media 

We aim to ensure that our physical product licence fees are fair to both music creators and music users.

Our published licensing schemes are set and reviewed in consultation with our licensees and, if appropriate, their representative bodies.

In some cases, the independent Copyright Tribunal is requested to make a decision. See www.gov.uk/government/organisations/intellectual-property-office for more details about the Copyright Tribunal.

What is a consultation process?

We consult with our customers and their representatives, to enable them to give their views on the proposed changes when we introduce a new licensing scheme or make changes to an existing one.

A consultation process allows PRS for Music to:

  • Provide information about any licensing scheme review
  • Gather information from current and potential customers about their music use to explain any proposed changes

A consultation process allows music users to:

  • Provide information about how they use music and the value of music use to their business, service or organisation
  • Comment on the current licensing scheme
  • Comment on any proposed changes
  • Put forward alternate viewpoints and suggestions

Please note, PRS for Music reserves the right to implement urgent changes without using the consultation process when there is a demonstrable business need, for example, to meet legal requirements.

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