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Specialist music products (SG6) - DVDs and digital media 

Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society SG6 licence – what it covers

The SG6 licence allows you to manufacture and distribute customised music products. Typical examples include:

  • bespoke audio, audio-visual, and karaoke compilations
  • backing tracks
  • MIDI files
  • recording booths
  • music quiz compilations

The specialist music products licence covers the payment of mechanical royalties only, which is paid to music publishers for the use of musical works.  Sound recording rights must be licensed separately from record companies (where applicable).

Specialist music products licence costs


£500, non-returnable

Number of tracks on server Annual advance
< 5,000 £1,000
> 5,000 negotiable

Itemised rates

Music usage Fee per work per copy
Audio only clips, up to 30 seconds in duration 3p
Audio-visual clips, up to 30 secs in duration 3.5p
Audio only tracks, up to 5 minutes in duration 10p*
Audio-visual tracks (without lyrics), up to 5 minutes 11p*
Karaoke tracks with still images and lyrics 12p
Karaoke tracks with moving images and lyrics 13p
MIDI files 15p
  • 10 pence fixed rate per musical work up to five minutes in duration, for each copy supplied, 11 pence for audio-visual tracks
  • When a musical work is longer than five minutes, even by a second, the rate is increased by 2 pence for each additional minute, up to a maximum of 50p per work
  • Example: A 7m00s music only track would be 14 pence (10+2+2), as would a 6m01s track

Apply for an SG6 licence

Potential customers must pass a credit check and take on reporting duties to qualify for SG6 and pay royalties in arrears.

  1. Sign agreement and send physical copy to us
  2. We send an invoice for the advance
  3. Customer pays advance invoice
  4. Customer sends sales reporting of copies supplied (30 days after the end of each calendar quarter)
  5. We send an invoice (within seven days of receipt of the reporting forms)
  6. Customer pays invoice (within seven days of the issue date)

Forms and terms and conditions

Contact us: applications@mcps.co.uk

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