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Digital Memory Device (DMD) 

Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society The Digital Media Device (DMD) licence allows you to manufacture and distribute products with a digital storage capacity which can often be pre-loaded with music content to provide ‘added value’ to consumers.

Formats covered by DMD include

  • USB sticks
  • Memory cards
  • MP3 players
  • Hard-drives
  • Other formats agreed with MCPS

Copyright holder prior approval – your choice

In most cases you will need to obtain prior approval from the copyright holder(s) before you can use their music in certain digital media products. However, there are certain exceptions where we can issue licences without approval required, these are:

  • Standard retail sale items where only the product manufacturer or the record label/artist’s branding is used
    (e.g USB sticks produced by record labels for retail release, pre-loaded MP3 players without third party branding)
  • Products bundled with other paid for services or given away with other retail sale products
    (only related music products or music events, devices like MP3 players, bona-fide music retailers – e.g. pre-loaded USB sticks given away with CDs)

DMD Licence costs

  Full tracks 30s to 1m 30s Less than 30s
Prior approval DMDs 5p* per track, per unit manufactured 3p per track, per unit manufactured 1.5p per track, per unit manufactured
DMDs without prior approval (only for the exceptions listed above) 6.5p per track, per unit manufactured 4p per track, per unit manufactured 2p per track, per unit manufactured

*Please note: there is a minimum royalty fee of £200 per work.

Costs for karaoke tracks on DMD

  • Karaoke tracks (audio-only): 8p per track, per unit manufactured
  • Karaoke tracks (with moving visuals): 9p per track, per unit manufactured

Where 50% or more of the Musical Works used are controlled by one Member, that Member may have elected to issue a license directly, without the involvement of MCPS.

Apply for a DMD licence

Customers need to apply and pay for a DMD licence before manufacture of the product can begin.

  1. Request more information by emailing us
  2. Apply for a DMD licence
  3. We send an invoice (within 10 days of receipt)
  4. Customer pays invoices (within 7 days of issue date

Other licences you may need

Promotional items that are given away on their own for free require a Premium licence not a Digital Memory Device licence.

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