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Fitness Music Services 

What are you calling it?

Fitness Music Services (FMS)

Who's it for?

Licensee looking to supply music to fitness instructors.

What are the benefits?

Allows licensees to legitimately modify and supply tracks for the purpose of fitness classes.

What does it cover?

Covers the MCPS mechanical reproduction right and the PRS for Music communication to the public right as follows:

  1. The creation of a digital database of audio-only, music video tracks or karaoke tracks to source for supplying the service;
  2. The transmission of the music via electronic means to end customers in the UK only;
  3. The transmission of the music via satellite (if uplinked from the UK) to end customers in the European Economic Area EEA; and
  4. The creation of copies on hard disk when tracks are delivered to a client site for local storage or streaming via electronic means or satellite in the UK only.

NB: The FMS Licence does not include the right to play music in any venue. A Public Performance Licence can be obtained separately prsformusic.com/leisure.

How much does it cost?

Physical Online
Percentage of Revenue 15% 16%
Track Minima 6p 7p

What music services does it cover?

Products and downloads supplied to fitness instructors for fitness classes.

Physical delivery methods: All physical formats (such as, tape, compact disc, DVD, CD-ROM, portable hard drive, laser disc) used for physical distribution of content to users.

Electronic delivery methods: any distribution of data in an electronic form, wire, wireless, public and private communication networks, internet and satellite.

How do I apply?

Please email our Specialist Licensing Consultants at sgschemes@mcps.co.uk to discuss your business plan,

Territories covered

The licence covers manufacture of the product in the UK and distribution of the product anywhere within the EEA. Online delivery is restricted to the UK only.

Other licenses needed:

Your customers will need a licence from PRS for Music before playing music in any public premises. Please ensure your clients are aware that this is their responsibility. The contact number for our Public Performance Sales Team is 0800 068 4828, or you can apply online at our website prsformusic.com.

With the exception of Production Music, the MCPS licence does not cover the separate copyright in any sound recordings. To obtain such a licence you should in the first instance contact the Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) on 020 7534 1000.

You may need a licence from Video Performance Ltd (VPL) when providing music videos or audiovisual content in your service. For further information please contact the VPL on 020 7534 1400. Audiovisual content may already be covered by the PPL licence as listed above.

The table below demonstrates the rights concerned with the FMS Scheme and shows who represents these rights.

Music rights table
Reproduction Performance
Sound recordings PPL/VPL PPL
Mechanical Works MCPS PRS for Music

The FMS scheme includes a PRS for Music right because the delivery method of the music constitutes use of the performing right. The FMS scheme does not include the right to play music in any venue. A Public Performance licence can be obtained separately from the PRS for Music to cover this right.

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