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Joint Import Licence (JIL) 

What does a JIL cover?

The Joint Import Licence (JIL) allows you to import audio, audio-visual, karaoke, toy and novelty products into the UK (from outside of the European Economic Area). These products must be for distribution and retail sale, and must have been licensed in the territory in which they were manufactured.  This licence covers musical works and sound recordings.

JIL costs

This is a flexible scheme which allows you to obtain licensing for the import of musical works and, where applicable, sound recordings depending on your needs. Rates depend on whether music is the primary function of the product, the duration and whether it is intended for karaoke use.

Musical Work Rights only (where the sound recording right has already been cleared) Musical work and sound recording rights
Music products (e.g. CDs) (per copy) Non-music products (e.g. toys with music) (per copy) Music products (e.g.CDs) (per copy) Non-music products (e.g. toys with music) (per copy)
<25 mins of music £0.24 £0.08 £0.48 £0.15
25 mins or more of music £0.65 £0.20 £1.30 £0.40
Karaoke product £1.15 N/A £1.80 N/A

Products that cannot be imported

MCPS holds and maintains the JIL banned list on behalf of the BPI and AIM members, which lists the products containing sound recordings which the respective copyright owners or exclusive licensees in the UK do not want licensed under the JIL scheme. Please check the list to confirm your product can be licensed under the JIL scheme. For more information on adding a product to the banned list, please email applications@mcps.co.uk

Mechanical-Copyright Protection SocietyBritish Phonographic IndustryAssociation of Independent Music

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