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Recorded media

Recorded Media

Mechanical-Copyright Protection SocietyThis section covers music licensing on all physical formats/products, including CDs, DVDs, computer games, novelty toys etc.

How you use commercial music on your product will determine the clearance you need. Please select one of the options below.

CDs and Vinyl
A range of licences for the copying of music into physical audio and audio visual products.

Licensing music for use in corporate productions and supplying music to businesses.

DVDs and digital services
Licensing schemes for the use of music in audio visual and specialist music products.

Games and Karaoke
Licensing music for use in games and karaoke.

A list of definitions for terms often found throughout recorded media.

Professional Dubbing license information.

Track clearing service
A guide on using specific musical works and digital memory device.

Pressing Plants
Information on the MCPS Waiver Agreement and Recommended Manufacturers List.

Find out how we operate internationally for licensing and our members.


Website maintenance
MCPS Scotland


If you are a licensee based in Scotland, and want to find out more about your music licensing needs, visit our MCPS Scotland page.

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